Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Author In The Zone ~ Lynn Mullican.

Our latest Author In The Zone is Lynn Mullican.

Lynn Mullican is a horror, paranormal, suspense and psychological thriller author. She weaves distinct, intricate and intriguing storylines with a hint of reality, horror, romance, and anything else her mind may ponder. Lynn twists up reality to deliver believable characters, interesting plots and plenty of action.

Hey Lynn, Welcome to Author in the Zone. How long have you been writing?
I’ve been writing about 30 years.

Give us a little background to your writing work to date?
I had my first poem published in 1987 while I stayed home and raised my children. I didn’t have much time to myself, so my writing time was minimal. I had a few poems published here and there from 1987 to approximately 1992 in a few different anthologies. I found that after having 3 children, you don’t really have a lot of time to yourself. I wrote more poems and a book throughout the course of raising my children, but didn’t get vigilant about publication of anything until I wrote, Bad Elements: Crystal Dragon, which is due to be released in the next couple of weeks.

Have you attempted to secure the services of an agent?
I have tried and found it to be a very difficult process. After many attempts and many rejections, I started weighing other options.

Who are your favourite writers?
Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Robert McCammon, Charlotte Harris, Sandra Brown, Bram Stoker, Edgar Allen Poe.

What's the last book you read?
Do You Believe? by Ann Lawrence.

How do you market your writing?
Well, since my debut novel is coming out in just a couple of weeks, that’s a little difficult to answer at this point. But for the time being, I have been promoting it and marketing it through social websites, though I don’t have it in print just yet. I have several people interested though. I might be able to answer this question better once I have it available.

What's your view on self publishing v traditional publishing?
I have my pros and cons on both. As far as self publishing goes, it’s great for those who are not able to get their book into print via a traditional publishing house. The economy has put a bit of a strain on agents and traditional publishing houses as far as having to be selective. It’s understandable, though I think first time authors should have a chance to get their work out in the field. There are so many talented writers that have phenomenal stories out there. I guess I don’t believe you should have to pay to publish your work, but self publishing is there for those who do have some difficulty getting their work into print. And, I also believe writers should be able to keep their rights on their books, and should also be able to have input into their book, which you can do in self publishing. I believe you lose most of those rights when you go with a traditional publishing house. But, as far as traditional publishing goes, I think most of them have a keener sense of commercialism than some self publishing companies and of course, what writer doesn’t want a traditional publishing house to pick up their book. That’s always a good thing!

What services do you use to print your writing?
I’m currently with a publisher, YES Publishing Group.

Where can book lovers find examples of your work?
My debut novel is going to press this week, so my book, Bad Elements – Crystal Dragon, should be coming out in the next couple of weeks. I don’t have the specific time frame just yet, but I do believe it should be towards the end of November. You can pick up a copy on my website here.

What advice would you offer new writers? Write, write, write! Write to your heart’s content and remember to keep those creative juices flowing, do the editing after the fact. You don’t want to interrupt the flow with edits. I’ve done that before and when you lose your train of thought, it’s very frustrating. And, remember, never, never give up!

Thanks Lynn for taking park and good luck with your new book.
Thanks Noel.

Lynn's Website.

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