Monday, November 15, 2010

An Imagining.

Imagine how powerful little old Ireland would be if we designed and built a grid that serviced the North half of Europe with the world's cheapest electricity before extending South, all powered by a wind field out of sight of our precious coast line, but which would serve as a natural wonder from the air because we'll have it designed by artists.

It sure blows a gale out there some days, and sure, if it didn't, we could tap below into the gas reserves, estimated at approx €440 billion, and power the feckers that way.
What will the citizen do when their taxes are exchanged for share options, of which some throw obscene dividends their way. Perhaps after taking the good advice from an enterprising government, and investing in the State, they will buy into the other things that matter like Education, Science and Technology.
What would we do with our much valued free time? We could have breathed free air while we surf, or sail through the countryside in a souped up sports car, ran free from pollutants, or just read a book on a nook.

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