Sunday, November 21, 2010

'I'm Not The Bogeyman...'

Cowen and Lenihan appeared on TV just after 8-30 tonight and admitted they were asking for a bailout, though that word was not used, but disguised in political waffle.
Cowen called on the Irish people to keep the faith and hope that we can, as a people, once again prosper.

Well Fu*k you Cowen. All we wanted was to be able to live. To create a future that honoured the sacrifices of so many. The State your party has designed has so much shame behind it. You have indeed outdone yourselves this time. Butter it up as you will, the history books, the ones that stand the tests of time will record your name. We want our children with us as we grow older. To keep them safe. To keep them healthy. To give them something better than a second rate education, an education system where you draw your pool.
The events of tonight serve nothing but to condemn you as the man, who both as Minister for Finance and then taoiseach have, with others, combined to curse us with a debt that keeps us in the paws of greed for generations to come. What happened to natural growth, why stifle that? Hold it up? Set us backwards, again?

At least Vincent Browne on his 'hunt a taoiseach out of office' tour, provoked a response from Cowen that will go down in folklore and make its way on to my new Rage T-Shirt Range. (C) 2010

'I'm not the bogeyman you're looking for.'

Laugh at us? Shame on them all.


  1. Agree - but change your to you're; bad grammar deflates the argument.