Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Curious Case Of The Fuel Allowance ~ Pt. Deux.

I'm out of breath these past few days with all there seems to do. If you've looked left you will find December 3rd's post to Dan Boyle suggesting an idea I had where the Greens could pluck a few votes from come the New Year. I thought about doing a little PhotoShop and adding a camera click for dramatic effect but a) PhotoShop is not my friend and b) the latter would be a blatant rip off of a Indie film I had the pleasure of viewing lately. But more about that again. So apologies for it's crudeness, I may very well update it later, for purposes of clarity for those among us (myself included) who have a tendency to wince.
The one act of kindness from yesterday's budget has been lost amid a wave of fury aimed at the harshness of the country's woes. All TD's pay was protected yesterday, a move widely viewed as keeping them happy so the budget worms its way through. And worming it is, considering how it came about, who it protects and the state of the political class in this country. I have to say Vincent Browne is an admirable combatant in media circles as are TV3. Great credit is due.

The fuel allowance one-off payment of €40's will cost the state in the region of €12 million. Loose change considering where we find ourselves.

I wrote yesterday how Green senator Danny Boyle said the Greens were taking credit for it due to some clause they negotiated in the Renewed Programme for Government. I asked could he provide some evidence of this and about where it was said. After the mention of Joe Duffy, Dan came back with this...

and i quote...
'From the Renewed Programme for Government October 2009.
· Introduce Carbon Tax in Budget 2010. The principles underlying the carbon levy to be introduced in 2010 will be those most at risk of fuel poverty will be protected, we improve the fuel efficiency of our current housing stock, the relative tax burden on labour will be reduced.'

To which I replied ...
Who brought the proposal to the Minister? The above says little. Or is that a matter of national security?
(later) Was it yourself, Dan?
(even later) Dan?
(even later still...) It's like an eeeeccchhoooo in here!

No answer forthcoming at the time of writing. I guess I have to dig a little deeper. With all the coldness around the place right now I think whoever came up with the idea ought to get their day in the sun. Danny is probably just being bashful. But whoever it was needs to get the freedom of many towns around Ireland, and who knows if the constituency was big enough this kind soul should consider to run for the Dáil. He or she could be a shoe-in. So I say, whoever it was, put your hand up and take your bow. They would have to be in the running for Major of Dublin. Imagine a Corkonian as Major of Dublin. Now that would throw a spanner into the works.
Tomorrow I'll reveal my depressing ebook cover for my first publication, Sonny Strange~ A Motivational Memoir in Minor. I hope to have a download able version online by the weekend.
Tomorrow I touch base with a sleuth, who may be able to shed some light on the curious case of the fuel allowance. In the interest of fair play perhaps the kind soul who brought this measure to the attention of the government deserves top table at next year's IFTA' the very least.
Tomorrow ~ More developments.
The depressing ebook cover.

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