Friday, December 10, 2010

The Curious Case Of The Fuel Allowance - Part 3

So I finally got an answer yesterday and yes, it was the Greens who tabled the motion that the one-off fuel allowance should be given to those in receipt of that benefit.
I asked when it was put to the Minister, but once again the silence ensued. The document that was posted for me in relation to the Green stance on this can be read here. Danny's smile seemed wider back 2005!!

All sounds rather funny and suspicious to me. Sooner than waste time on the matter in the coming days and trying to get answers from the Greens, I have decided to leave it up to the country themselves. It will make for great viewing in my upcoming web series which I'm currently creating, where Don Booker enters the age of austeric Ireland.
I wonder would Danny do a cameo? Who knows, he might be glad to the gig.

My quest for answers will continue via the webby, but my private sleuth is currently checking with his sources to see what they can come up with. I have a load of video and photo's so it should make for some great viewing in the New Year.

The budget continues to be passed at pace through the Dáil. You'd almost feel like the Failers wanted out of power. But then again, it would not surprise me if the Greens and the Failers had hatched this 'divorce' as a deflection away from the Budget, and it remains to now be seen how long the 'Yellows' will stay in power once the Finance Bill is passed. One last act in the old spin department, a department that has served them ill the whole way through.
There is a Dáil vote on the €85 billion bailout next Wednesday and with traitors Lowry and Healy-Rae stinking politics out of it, that will pass too, all in good time for the Dail to have a nice long Christmas Break. I wonder how long they will take this year?

Cowen is out fighting and talking the talk. Except it's all bullshit. No-one cares. You will forever be the eegit who brought Ireland to its knees and then shit on your own by selling out to the IMF and ECB at the expense of the people who didn't even choose you to lead. You're no Irishman in any real sense of the term.

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  1. Another nice article Don. I've been in withdrawal for the last couple days waiting for your next post!

    Cowans attempts to save face, are about as deplorable as his lukewarm leadership. The sellout to the IMF and ECB is nothing
    short of social genocide and utter madness, and no amount of shadow boxing will save him and other more evil and direct causes from that prim-time spot in the black annals of history.