Monday, January 24, 2011

Afternoon Tea

The parties got together for afternoon tea today and guess what? They reached a consensus, though in fairness to the Shinners they were not part of that process as they oppose the Financial Bill that now has cross party support for its implementation.
It's a disgusting package in all fairness, and none of the political parties are against it despite it's austerity measures. I expect it from the Failers and the Gaelers, but the Greens and Labour are meant to be made of more humane things, and should not be aligning themselves to it. 'In the national interest' is political waffle.

People want a whole new beginning. This Bill which they are now all dancing too, does nothing but sell us out, and presents great difficulty in social consequence in the years ahead. This is the best they can come up with. Cuts, taxes and deaths, the cost to bail out bankers and let politicians walk away with obscene pensions and perks. It's disgraceful and a scandal.

We are now looking at the Bill being rushed through before the weekend and signed off. Sold...pre-election and these people want to lead us forward?
The election day may very well now be February 25, once the bill gets rushed through the houses and Cowen has his farewell speech in the Dáil which he will probably deliver like a Statesman. It may have film directors seeking his acting services for a possible new career.

The four people mentioned a few days ago are now the ones confirmed to run for the leadership of the Failers. My money, if I had any, would be on Micháel Martin. How safe is his seat, though? They must be seriously worried now about a wipeout, with foreign journalists now saying it is nothing more than they deserve. Whoever emerges as leader has a job on their hands.

People talk and want change, I just do not know where the hell it is going to come from. The only thought that gives any degree of hope for the future is emigration. I don't want to emigrate, but if 2011 is anything like 2010, there is no point in staying.

Politics and a large portion of politicians are in serious trouble. It just depends on how informed the ordinary man on the street is, and how slow they are to buy into the same bullshit we are being fed day after day for years. The same old words and phrases, with nobody offering anything radical enough to offer that might lift the chin up a little.
They are doing themselves there own damage. But someone has to lead. It's looking like Enda. Lord, help us all.

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