Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I know politics is boring for some. But I promise you, it don't get any better as the world watches all sections of our political establishment show themselves up for what they 'mostly' are. Gombeens!
Note, I said 'mostly.' There are a few stewards to proper democracy left, but they are few.

If anyone is still reading, watch this YouTube clip of Joan Burton, a possible future Minister for Finance.
Now, if you have returned, you get the picture. If we had someone of the talent and panache of Jon Stewart in this country, this material would be priceless. If you are from further afield pass it around to your fellow countrymen and women, cause trust me, it's a shambles and deserves going viral.

Four months ago I did some reading about the Labour Party. I went and read it. As someone once said, 'the best of a bad lot.'
Gilmore looked like someone different, a leader with potential and I felt they had secured my vote and perhaps even a historic swing to the left, a first for this once sovereign land. But I don't think that anymore, a leftist party supporting historic austerity measures cheapens the ideal, don't you think?

Sinn Féin and a few extreme leftists are the only ones fighting for Ireland right now it seems. Agree or disagree with all their policies, they are standing up for the land and the people of the land. Savvy political opportunism or a real desire to make Ireland all she was meant to be? It's working, because they are the only party not prepared to roll over and be humped by the IMF.
If that sounds tasteless, I apologise, but it's what i think.
Will they get my vote? I think potential is there, but they need some new blood and leadership first. No offence to Gerry Adams, but we need something a little less radical in our approach, and unless they are about to print the Púnt again, take back our natural resourses from the oil vampires in order to keep ordinary folk happy, then their current plan to default on all banking debt may cripple the country for a time until working alternatives are put in place.

I will vote. I have to. It may be my last one in this country. I look at political leaders, and those who practice the profession and it is scary. I'd go as far as say it unchangeable. Maybe I'll change my mind in the weeks ahead about some of them, but it's hard to see it from here.
Politicians want social media profiles, but then won't engage with the public. Again there are some exceptions, but some worrying trends emerge there to. I mean, the taxpayer was going to pay for them to go on courses into how to utilise the likes of Facebook in their electioneering. True. I know, you wouldn't pull it from the pages of a comic.
I know of politicians who ban people from their pages because the messages written did not marry with them. And now their hoard of lacky's are in defending everything with political speel that's been well drummed into them. Brown nosing for position, instead of being the best person for the job. It's not what Ireland was founded on, but it's crept in, it's roots going back to the 60's.

Fiánna Fáil have led this country for 61 of the last 79 years. A dictatorship within a democracy. I wonder what the academic term for that is?
Tomorrow they elect a new leader for a new dawn. Except the people won't buy it, or else we then must ask ourselves just what it is that defines us as a people. Anything, but putting what remains of them after the election in a dark corner of Dáil Eireann and from there suffer the same indignity they have put on so many good people due to their abominable governance.

And where is Enda Kenny? Pulled aside I bet. For his grooming. Last classes in spin.
Now's your time, Enda. You can do it, Enda. Do it for Ireland, Enda.
A wink and a nod. The only thing I'd be doing with him is stitching on the strings to his taxpayer paid for suit, so the IMF can juggle him about, Like a crow looking for worms on a frozen wasteland, deranged with hunger.

The rumour has it Brian Cowen won't contest the general election now. After all his 'best man for the job' talk. Run Forest, Run.
The pension is better than the pay, and I'm sure the 'higher echelons' will look after him after all his favours in bailing them out with that guarantee that has condemned us all.

Rumours David McWilliams may enter the fold. A new political party maybe. It's all happening. And just so it doesn't get boring, Mike Lowry and Jackie Haely Rae have thrown a final spanner into the Finance Bill charade by declaring they may not vote for it, which will then throw the whole thing into further chaos. Further games and posturing from two men in politics for no-one but themselves and certainly not for the people of Ireland. It stinks. It really does.

The Finance Bill should be left aside. Let it be the main issue of the election. Let us, the people, let them know how we want it. That's how it should be. Many many people in this country are not given credit for being able to think for themselves. It's time that changes once and for all.

Otherwise what is the point really?

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