Sunday, January 23, 2011

Booker's World Book Cover.

Finally things seem to be coming together for the novel and I'm hoping, chanting, praying, dropping coins into wishing wells, and making sure that I honour all my superstitious tendencies, so that at some stage tomorrow my printer will say we are good to go on the proof.

I loved writing the book but once I finished it months ago, and started the proofing and formatting issues I had to address, I thought seriously about going back to my previous life in construction. But there's nothing to build anymore, so no jobs, so I had little choice but to continue.

The cover was designed by fellow Trim man, Enda Casey, who's photography talent has seen him photograph many people on the Irish cultural and music scene over the years.
I went to Enda looking for something simple, the only requirements I had was the moon shot on the front cover which was important to me, and people will know why should they choose to read it.

But Enda, being the pro he is, walked me through many more idea including the image on the back cover. When I seen it, it reminded me of the character of Don Booker and how I saw him when Booker's World began it's journey over the 9 month period I set the book to. It had to be used.
The greatest difficulty i had was how to condense the 90,000 word narrative into a few paragraphs that tells people what the book is about. That took time, and many drafts but I don't think I can explain it better at this stage in such a short space.
After a bad week last week, where nothing went right, this week has been a better one with a few things seemingly beginning to click into place. I feel blessed to have the help of some very talented people along the way, offering time and guidance for no personal gain. If everyone was the same, we may not find ourselves where we are today.
But that's another story...

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