Sunday, January 9, 2011

Golfing Whispers

It's great recharging batteries watching American Football. Mostly in bed. The main problem I have with the game is the season is just to damn short.
The much fancied Saints and reigning Superbowl champions went down to the Seahawks last night. So as not to be outdone, the Jets kicked a last second field goal to send the Colts out. It was not a bad start to the Playoffs. The Bears have me dreaming.

Ever think about who you would like to share a dinner with? Or a round of golf? I'd like to eat a two pound steak with Hunter S. Thompson and maybe Tequila's afterwards and talk about quantum physics.
That's most unlikely though based on current thinking, given the fact old Hunt is floating around in space these days. There is more chance of Barak Obama having cigars around Amen Corner with Bernie Madoff, I'd imagine.
I'm lucky in a way. I find time to do some other things, so I don't have to think so much. That's all Bernie Madoff has as he whittles away his days in confinement, forever haunted now, wondering if it was indeed, worth it at all.

Where as I would never put Brian Cowen in any choice of top statesmen I may compile in my retirement and I'd never suggest Fitzy was ever as devious as Bernie, I did find it alarming when I heard today that Cowen and Fitzy shared a phone call when Cowen was Minister for Finance concerning Anglo shares.
Then four months later when Cowen was taoiseach they had a round of golf at the swanky Druid's Glen. This was just months before the now infamous state guarantee which effectively sees Ireland a pauper once again, with the people made pay for the gambles of a few rogue banks. Cowen has denied banking matters were discussed on the day. Fitzy? I don't know where he is. Barely keeping his head above water like the rest of us, I imagine. If only...

The Minister for Social Protection, (LOL, oh stop. My sides. It gets to much sometimes) Sorry. Eamon O'Cuiv said he was absolutely satisfied no discussion had taken place. Which beggars the question, was he Cowen's Caddy? Who was caddying for Fitzy? The riddles are endless.

Which brings to my final point on this Wild Card Sunday. How did we, the Irish electorate, elect these morons in the first place. What is really at play and going on here? What do the media actually know? Who's keeping what up their sleeves? Is Barak Obama related to Enda Kenny back down the line?
If I was a newspaper editor I'd be rubbing my hands. The slower it all comes out the better. Would you reckon? This charade has been going for nearly two and a half years now. Ever since Bertie got the boot. Just in time too, because even Bertie wouldn't have been able to get us out of this one. Or could he have? By charging us off in the right direction, Independent and free, like we should be. Told our buyers to feck off. Standing up for the people instead of big business.

I'm seriously thinking of going on a road trip to do a documentary in the coming weeks. I don't know how I'm going to fund it, as I can't see Booker's World flying off the shelves anytime soon. Maybe it will drop from the sky. If it's meant to be, it will be.

Now, be gone natives of the planet. It's hotting up between Baltimore and the Chiefs. Though it probably can't be classified as being as juicy as a round around Druid's Glen. If only Greens could talk...

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