Monday, January 31, 2011

The Runner

I got a pleasant start to the day when the proof of Booker's World arrived in from the printer. It wasn't fully bound but it was good to see it, and begin the final read of it in a form that resembles a book and not a computer screen or the a4 pages I've been working from to date.
By Wednesday I should be able to give it the thumbs up and within a week take delivery of an initial run before I release it.
Nerves start to jangle just with the thought of it. I'm not sure how people will take to it, if indeed at all. It's something I've laboured over for 16 months and it's time to let it go now. I'm proud of the effort, the rest is up to readers, and when you make something public then I'll have to take all that comes with that. Having to find ways of getting it out into the world is also an area I'm not overly comfortable with as I'd sooner just write. But that's part and parcel of taking the indie route into this. I didn't really see another choice. Who knows, it may resonate with someone, somewhere, who may do the second run. Stranger things happen.

I think about Hugh Everett's theory sometimes and with all that needs doing i do wish i could split myself into many people sometimes and give all to individual things instead of trying to juggle so much myself. With the back up against the wall and the country screwed, it feels like there is no choice but to use every hour that's available and use it well.
I hear a lot of political spiel about turning things around, but when i measure that against action, I see very little there for people to try and act on their spiel. I hear of more and more people leaving the country everyday and they are actually in a rush to get out. I wonder if taoiseach, Brian Cowen will be among them.

Cowen announced today that he will not seek re-election to Dáil Eireann. You can read his statement here, but well, as i said last week, big fat pension or the meagre wages of a backbench TD? Which would you take? Is he employable with having the bankruptcy of a nation on his CV? Sure even if he struggles, his pension will get him by.
Tomorrow he'll dissolve the 30th Dáil and announce the date of the election. After his statesman address tomorrow afternoon, he will be driven to Áras an Uachtaráin to bring down the curtain on one of the most disgraceful administrations to serve not just in here Ireland, but possibly in any country of the world. He should have done us all a favor months ago and wound up the party.

I'm going to cover the election here on this blog. If Enda Kenny becomes taoiseach it's time to call it a day. What's the point? There's a better life to be had somewhere else without all the stress involved in even trying to figure it all out. The problem is very few want to figure it out. The press will be off all issues barring the election. Where is the investigative journalism in this country? Are there people actually attempting to get to the bottom of it all? I sometimes wonder.

Ivor Callely bound out of the High Court today after winning his case against a Seanad committee which suspended him from the second house following Callahy's claim for expenses arising from an expenses claim which the Seanad ruled as misrepresentational.
The case rested on whether The Seanad committee had such powers. The court ruled that they didn't and ruled that Callely should now be paid in full for the money lost during his suspension. Politics is definitely the game to be in to win. I just wouldn't lower myself to be honest gauging what I see going on around me at the present time. And who's says public life is about service? From where I'm looking in from there seems to be plenty of perks to service in public life.

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