Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Sunday Post

* Warning - Contains links that make sicken the stomach.

I have to admit, I'm becoming increasingly apathetic when it comes to the situation in Ireland and toward those who we will choose to lead us out of the recession that bites deep into many lives. The problems at hand, all of which have been deflected from in recent weeks, as Irish politics reached it's lowest point with the mess within Fiánna Fail and the shambolic way the Finance Bill was passed through the Dáil and the Seanad. The 30th sitting of the Dáil will go down in history on Tuesday and with it the stain of having being part of it.

Eamon Gilmore announced his jobs plan today saying the best way out of recession and to renew hope is to create jobs. What foresight.
Joan Burton calling Vincent Browne a 'sexist bully.' What's that all about after her disgraceful performance on Vincent's show midweek.
Enda was in Brussels on a little junket in recent days. I assume getting his pre-election grooming from the bureaucrats who now say what goes on in the country.

Money, banks , economics and jobs will be at the forefront of this election campaign. I think they are missing the point, to be honest.
'Rachel Peavoy (30), a mother-of-two, died of hypothermia in the bedroom of her flat during the cold snap. Her body was discovered two weeks ago.
She had appealed to the council to restore her central heating as she shared the flat with her two young sons, but she was unsuccessful. This is modern day Ireland.

I came across this blog post earlier today which again shows what modern day Ireland stands for. It's not what the majority of people want by my reckoning, but it seems to be what they want across all the mainstream parties with the exception of Sein Fein and the hard left. Opportunist or populist, we can call it what we like, but when you pay off a bondholder to the tune of what is cost of putting hundreds of thousands into further mire, in most books it's a shameful act.
The worrying aspect is that this kind of news is not even carried by our national broadcaster. It truly is running a country for the benefit of a few and it won't change until more people are aware of what has actually gone on in Ireland over the past four years will they insist on the change in some real terms.

As the years tick by I become more and more sure that worlds Orwell and Huxley, were works of great vision and dystopia may very well be the existence of tomorrow. WiliLeaks and other info websites have made mankind more aware than at any other point of human existence. People are taking to the streets in their thousands insisting on reform and change in countries like Yemen, Tunisia and Egypt. Police and armies on the streets against ordinary people who just want the chance of a decent life for themselves and their children. Corrupt regimes who think nothing of their people.
The eyes of the world rest of Egypt this weekend with the civil unrest there. Over 100 people have died so far and Internet access and websites like Twitter have been shut down. These are very basic human freedoms.
If Mubarak falls, the unrest could spread across the region given the success of the Tunisian people last week in removing their own corrupt powers that be.
This is the information age. They may try to shut that down now, realising that people capable of critical thinking based on how they perceive things are not want governments want. It throws a spotlight on everything, the world over. Obama came in 2008 and the American people saw hope, but he's not lived up to expectations. Illegal wars continue. Unemployment is high and Wall Street rules the world. The Republicans and their capitalist pursuits at all costs could run him close in 2012, and all that will mean is further misery in an increasingly depressing world if they prevail.

Which only leaves us Irish and the sense of humour that somehow, through thick and thin, manage to retain a certain sense of humour. I hope we never lose that.


  1. Well said Don. A few grammatical errors,but I will forgive those in the overall context. These are amazing times we live in. The Mayan prophecies are not far wrong!!xx

  2. I'll forgive myself to. lol.
    Working-class writers. No class. ;)