Friday, January 28, 2011

World Records

All phases of the Austerity Bill were passed through Dáil Eireann yesterday in world record time. A Bill that usually takes 2-3 months to pass into law, 'debated' through the institution in a matter of days. And all for for the purpose of the people getting the chance to decide who will be guided in governance by the ECB and the IMF over the coming years.
Enda Kenny is already in Brussels attempting to engage on a lower rate of interest for the bailout. One, he is not taoiseach as of yet, and two, they don't care, Enda. You're a pawn in a game. My reckoning is he is over there getting to know the boys and what they expect of him when he becomes leader. But the election is at least 4 weeks away, you'd think he'd be here among his own, answering relevant questions instead of lunching with EU fat cats.

The Bill is expected to pass through the Séanad by tomorrow evening and Brian Cowen is expected to call halt to the proceedings of the 30th Dáil this coming Tuesday, as well as announce his intentions for the coming election. Big fat pension or the humble wages of a TD? My money is on the first one.
No doubt he will say in the coming days he always acted in the best interests of the country and it's people. Pull the other one, Brian. Enjoy your retirement on the golf courses of Ireland while ordinary people pay the price for your failures.

Bertie Ahern showed up at the Dáil yesterday. Possibly his last time in there as a serving TD. Asked if he had any regrets he said he was sorry that he didn't get the Bertie Bowl. What planet do these people live on? He also said he wished someone told him about what was going on at the banks. Eh, you are supposed to know. You were the taoiseach. It would not surprise me if he still thinks he can be President. The sooner Moriarty reports, the better...

New Fianna Fáil leader, Micháel Martin has called for a series of leaders debates in the run up to the election. The 3 main parties. Enda reckons Micháel has no right to be calling the shots and that it should be a 5 party debate. Eamon weighed in this morning saying three is just fine.
So the other political entities in this country count for nothing, do they? And who made any of you guys dictator of political wisdom. Get real gents, let's see what any of you are made of in the weeks ahead. Looking in I still don't see any of them worth a use. This election will be fought now on Fianna Fail's miserable record since 2007, instead of something that might have made these people stand up and think outside the realm of a puppet position they seek so badly. And that, of course was the Finance Bill and its treachery to an Irish people, the majority of which opposed it.

Alas, that's as good as signed, sealed and delivered. Welcome to real austerity!

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