Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Dreamer's Dream.

Hosni Mubarak finally bowed to pro-democracy demonstrations yesterday when he fled as Egypt's leader, throwing one of the worlds most ancient civilisations into rapture. Scenes of ecstasy shot across the globe, as the people celebrated the end of the 30-year reign of Mubarak.
As the Egyptian's celebrated their triumph over the dictator, many revolutionaries vowed to continue their peaceful occupation of Tahrir Square until their demands for democracy and accountability were met.
It's strange days on Planet Earth and especially in the Middle East, which has seen tyrannical rule ousted in Tunisia and now Egypt in less than a month. As the world's eyes turn once again to the region, more protests are expected to gather pace in countries such as Yemen and Libya, with few ruling out a wave of pro-democracy protests right across the region. The possibility of a changing of the guard in that particular area of the world stage. A stage drenched in the horrors of tyranny for as far back as one wishes to go, a stage now set to change, the measure of that change to early to call.

We don't have to go far back to see how pro-democracy protest can end in brutality. Only in 1989 hundreds, if not thousands were killed in what became known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre after Chinese students stood up to the old guard, only to be horrifically shot down. Sadly stands for social justice often end in lives being lost. They were lost in Egypt. They will be lost again.

Young democracies, with their many culture's and swaying points of views, can often turn in on themselves in the form of civil wars. Ireland had hers. Brother fought brother. In many ways they still do.
War across that particular region would be catastrophic, as indeed all wars are. It may all depend on what each country yearns for their democracy. The measure of equality, the fairness in justice, the right to live and breath on a planet ran into its core for the benefit of a few.
If democracy is about power to the people, then perhaps these countries can set a shining example of how to do it in its infancy for the rest of the world. So long beaten into destitution, it would be hard for any race of people not to want equality and fairness from the outset.
These 'revolutions' came about because of the power of the Internet and connection. Christian watched over Muslim in Tahrir Square in a united show of defiance. Facebook for all its detractors played its part. Twitter also. Brave journalists risking all to bring everything to the attention of the 'free world' via the power of social media. There may indeed be a New World Order coming to a town near you soon. Not the one long lauded by and profited from by the conspiracy theorists among us, but one no-one saw coming. A world that may stand united against all forms of tyranny, no matter where they be and under what mask they serve.

I do be amazed how people say a year or two spent on-line has taught them more that the time spent in state education. It doesn't say a lot for some educational systems, does it? For me it comes down to what is being taught. There is not enough concentration put into developing people. No, we develop them as one, to a certain level, by which time the majority just want to run from it.
People are individuals, but time and time again those that govern in their Divine wisdom concentrate people in the millions in urban sprawl, paying them little, slaving them in debt and coming up with ways to take their hard earned money from them. All devised of course, but them you are well aware of that...

Change is slow in most cases, but in this age of technology, events of the past month also show how certain change can come about in a short space of time. Imagine what a concentrated effort into the welfare of people could do?
The speed of change could be swift if the will was there given the connection we now have at our disposal. The death of the giant corporations, ran from business because people won't entertain their product. The death of big-media because the corporations couldn't advertise their world view to us because no one cared. People making up their own lives as they go along. An age individual Independence. Or just a dreamer's dream...

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