Sunday, February 13, 2011


I took national politics off the agenda for the past few days as things needed doing where a change may actually be possible, more than likely involving a one-way ticket to a warm area of the globe. When one doesn't bother looking for the latest offerings from the Establishment for the future guidance of our country, it's like removing a sack full of rocks off one's back. Two more weeks as it will be all over.
A New Beginning? Don't make me laugh! All I've gathered in the last day or two is Fine Gael are now trying to increase their current popularity at the expense of the party who hope to form a government with them. A slight egotistical, don't you think? It hardly makes for a lasting working relationship moving forward should they hop into bed together. Which just adds to the turmoil on top of the turmoil already. Blah!

I am putting the finishing touches to the Booker's World web series re-writes. Re-writes are a lot of work, much more rigid than the freedom of the first draft. The buzz is lessened through the editing process as each page is questioned. It's tiring, but worth the effort. The essence of what the first draft was is still there in story lines and character terms. But one character has disappeared and another one was added and because of it the slide between series one and a proposed second one will be smoother.
My next writing project will hopefully be the first draft of my second book. I think that is going to take something like 10-12 weeks. If nothing else it will prove to myself that I'm in it for the long haul now, no matter how hard it may be to get going in this country.
I'd put a lot of faith in what I had managed to do to date to launch everything with a view to working for myself. In a week or so the copies I ordered will be ready but instead of looking forward to it, I don't. It's been a slow burner for over 6 months now and there seems to be more to come.
Ten years ago I'd have went back to basics and just not bother anymore. And why I'm bothering at all right now is still something I question myself on daily. The little whisper that repeats 'gotta get outta here' over and over the only proper reason I can offer right now. I drove to a soccer match yesterday through the bleak countryside, dodging potholes that would swallow a car. A lasting legacy to The Tiger, because I can't see them repaired anytime soon.


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