Saturday, February 19, 2011


If the polls are to be believed, then Enda Kenny will become taoiseach within the next seven days. Ireland, a country where anybody can hold the highest office in the land. It surely gives hope to people everywhere.
What should have been the most significant election in modern day Ireland, really has turned into insignificance. Why? Because there is no resounding change being offered by those in a position to govern.
The people may voice their anger and cast the Failers to the political dogs, but their successors offer nothing but further austerity measures, cuts and a right-wing agenda closely married to the Banks agenda. Change, it seems, remain just the delusion of dreamers.

Tyrants, Murders, Dictators, call them what you want, are being subjected to mass protest across the Middle East and North Africa. With the fall of regimes in Tunisia and also in Egypt within the past month, protests continue to spread.
In Bahrain and Libya government troops turned on their unarmed civilian population with bullets and tear gas leaving many wounded and dead in the two countries. Gadaffi, a known supporter of terrorism has ruled Libya with an iron fist for 40 years, suppressing his people's freedoms and basic human rights. His troops killed 87 people yesterday. The number is not as high in Bahrain, but isn't one to many?
Gaddafi rode the streets in an open top jeep, surrounded by his followers in defiance of those who wish to bring him down.

The region remains on the cusp of something historical, with ordinary people now willing to put their lives on the line, so maybe they and their children may enjoy a life free from suppression. Yemen and Iran remain volatile.
The Kurds in Northern Iraq are rising and adding to the chaos of that country ever since the US went in and waged an illegal war that has claimed over 100,000 civilian lives to date.
If, and it's a big if, protests have the same outcome as those that ousted dictatorships in Tunisia and Egypt, then perhaps the days of totalitarian and authoritarian rule may be on the cusp of extinction.
With the fall of regimes comes the problems of forming a democratic society and furthermore, a democratic society that practices democracy in its purest and truest form for the good of all its citizens.

We here in the so called first world have watched as the power of democracy is stripped away from us layer by layer. The implementation of the Lisbon Treaty against the wishes of some 500 million people is living proof of that.
Here in Ireland we have just been governed into a pit that has cost us our economic sovereignty and all against the will of the people. Outside forces like the IMF now tell us what to do. The elected officials for the most part stand by and let it happen. Which beggars the question, why have an election at all when its merely a puppet position, and even if it wasn't, it would not matter. Governments go their own way, and here in the Western World its all designed around benefiting a few.
Anyone telling you any different is a liar. Behind governments are a global elite mainly made up of powerful banks who basically can do as they please, with no accountability if they fail, and bailouts available to keep them going to continue on their way of fleecing citizens with government backing any way they choose.
Take a look at Barclays Bank. Yesterday it was revealed they made a profit of over £6 billion. They paid 1% tax on that. And no, that's not a typo. Does anyone else see something wrong with that?

Where does the planet and human involvement in it go from here? More extreme views will point to organised religion for answers, some citing end-of-days scenario's. Religion has been the single most cause of bloodshed in the history of mankind. Religion has its place, but anyone using it to wage war doesn't deserve a place in any civilisation.
2012 is a year that has had much written about it. Some suggest an end for us all, while others cite it as a time when we enter a new state of consciousness which may have a lasting positive effect on humanity.

This is the era we live in.
Don't click this link if you want your day ruined. The photograph, which won the Pulitzer Prize was taken by Kevin Carter who took his own life shortly afterwards.
What ever happens the Planet and its people in the long run is any one's guess.
The one thing I do know is there is far more decency in ordinary human beings than those who chose to lead us, be it under the flag of democracy or the iron fists of sociopaths.

Capitalism and perhaps the 'illusion' of democracy will have to fall at some stage in our evolution, if Planet Earth is to sustain itself in the interim before the Sun swallows us whole. No mistake or argument can be made against it, except of course by those who benefit most from it. The planets in a mess. The climate is chaotic. The structures of governance are in chaos. An era of austerity in a world of plenty? Children starving in dust bowls. Women and children blown to bits as they sleep in their beds, just trying to survive.
We may indeed have a brave new world someday long into our future. But how we get there, well, I for one don't want to put to much thought into that. Not today anyway.

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