Sunday, February 6, 2011


An election is always going to throw up issues, important ones that may pave the way for some debate, get people to side on an opinion that they have drawn from their own conclusion. When this particular election is over, I'm pretty sure I'll be leaving the politics of Ireland to others, because this country politically at the moment offers about as much chance for national solidarity on a proper and just way forward as the Faroe Islands being crowned the next football world champions.
In an attempt to cover the election, I went further afield in the last few days where issues of the day are covered by the ordinary joe soap. What I found tells me anyone making the move out of here may be doing the right thing for themselves. I know I have a few things to tie up here in Ireland, but come the time when Enda Kenny sits down on the IMF throne he alludes to, I expect my CV to be winging its way through cyberspace in search of employment abroad.

As I said on Friday, Enda Kenny will not feature in the Vincent Browne debate on Tuesday night. Kenny, in all the wisdom of those who spin for him, turned around yesterday and said he wanted the empty seat to be a symbol for the thousands forced to emigrate of late.
How dare he use it as a symbol of emigration? His bloody economic policies were the same as the Failers in 2007. He stood by and let the Finance Bill sail through the house. What do people reckon that bill is going to reduce some people to?
That seat on Tuesday night should be painted yellow. It not the party, it's the man himself and the people behind him, guiding him every step of the way. Where is there leadership in that?

I brought up the subject of the racism 'joke' he relayed to party followers in 2002 on a board on Friday. I was shot down mostly. Some said, as it was years ago, it shouldn't be an issue. Other threatened legalities. What was that all about? Others said it was a quote from someone else, which Kenny mearly relayed. wtf?
Others reckoned it wasn't an issue and that 'political correctness' had run amok. I'd have plenty of issue on the PC debate, but on an issue of racism? A harsher element cited taxi drivers and sponging, but really were not making any sense. If people want to argue the point that our foreign nationals are in some way part cause of this problem Ireland has they can all they want, they won't argue with me. We've scattered millions upon millions of people through the centuries to the four corners of the globe, all in search of a better life they could not get at home. Why shouldn't we let others who want just the same come here. You'll always get some looking for the easy ride, it's human beings your dealing with. Politics is an easy ride these days, with its huge pay and expense accounts, inflated pensions and accountable to no-one. You won't get an easier ride than that I can tell you.

Then I had my agenda questioned, some citing my home town as reasons for my questioning of an esteemed political leader. They obviously don't read this blog much, as anyone saying I haven't called it as I see it, devoid of political persuasion I might add, must be reading off a dodgy braille board. My agenda is simple.
Where do ordinary people fit in to the equation in all this? Why haven't people been held to account for what's happened? Why is Ireland's interests not being served properly? Why are corrupt bankers bailed out? Why are our natural resources not ours?
I could go on for days really, but I certainly am not backing anyone in the hope I fit into their cosy little circle at some stage, a nice little number in the public service or a seat on some ill effective quango. Maybe a wink on a planning application or a medical card.

They are just other thing going against why any real chance of change in Ireland isn't possible in the short term. It's who you know not what you know. I've seen the reality of that cross many lives over the years. Maybe that's how the world works, but looking around at the world, it's in a pretty dismal place if we are to be honest. The practice of democracy is belittled with each passing year. 500 million 'Europeans' were denied a voice in the Lisbon Treaty. Democracy? Pull the other one!

I know 2 things days into 'the debate.' Fianna Fail or Fine Gael won't be getting my vote. Fianna Fail because until they make a move totally away from the Haughey-Ahern-Cowen era they offer nothing to all of Ireland's people.
Fine Gael is a simpler equation. As with the many who won't vote for them, the reason being the man at the helm. So not much chance of a custy number anytime soon then! But then when excuses, like the ones offered above for Kenny's lack of foresight on occasions, maybe there are broader issues to take into account also.

Once the practice of lackey leadership is what an electorate aspire to, the electorate must take take partial responsibility. Until we find a way to change that and abolish lackeyism as an honourable way to get ahead in life, then Ireland will never realise the vision of those who wrote up the greatest parts of our constitution, the articles we pass over so crony capitalism can continue to fail Ireland's people. If Darwin's 'Survival of the Fittest' theory is something political entities use to mould their agenda's, then I believe they are reading it wrong, because I do firmly believe that the greater will of many, will out last the forced will of a few. There is a record there from history to prove it.

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