Friday, February 4, 2011

The Stink Of Double Standards

I think my will to keep going kicked back in this afternoon. I'm not sure where I can really go, but some good friends are offering some good advice. So, as since August 2009, I will call things as I see them, and every attempt I make to get myself into an employable position or the support needed to become self sustaining, I'll document honestly here if for no other reason than the fact you need to stand up for something in your life, and not behind those who think they can lead for my own personal gain.
A few neutral watchers have decided to follow what happens from here on in as a kind of case study into systemic failures within our systems which stop genuine people outside the pitfalls of cronyism from getting ahead. It gives a renewed vigor when you know decent people have your back.

Enda Kenny today refused to go on a three-way debate next Tuesday night, citing an incident on the Vincent Browne show last October arising from comments Vincent made when Enda faced down a leadership challenge from within his own ranks. I wrote of the night in question here.

I recall the night in question and Vincent's remarks, though misguided, basically said Enda might be as well going into a dark room with a bottle of whiskey and a gun. Given the beast that is politics and the swinary, deception and sleevery that goes on in the hunt for power, I didn't take much notice of the comment and certainly did not take it in the context that Kenny is now offering as reason to coward his way out of the live debate.
Vincent Browne wrote and apologised to Kenny at the time and made apologies to anyone who found the remark offensive. I've covered suicide on this blog before as one of the great social stains that needs addressing in this country. I found Bertie Ahern's remark to people who talked down the Celtic Tiger much more offensive than Vincent Browne's. Ahern said any such dissenters would be better off committing suicide.

I'm sure the subject of suicide and particularly it's causes will come up again on this blog. Part of anything I do in a working capacity in the future will be closely aligned with addiction and suicide and there causes, but I'll expand on that again. I form my views based on personal experiences and the experiences of others.

The reason i have a problem with Kenny using this as an excuse not to debate under the moderation of Vincent Browne is a simple one. It's a cop out and stinks of double standards. Why do I say that?
First of all, so as not to back track on previous commentary, I have always said Enda Kenny should NEVER be the leader of this country. Nothing personal against the man, but he's not leadership quality and he as well be the leader of Fianna Fail such are similarities between the two parties.

I came across an article earlier today from 2002 where Kenny made a racist 'joke' at an event. Kenny earlier today said he stood in hundreds of houses around Ireland, of families impacted by suicide, yet, when it comes to the racism 'joke' the press at the time went silent and this incident was mostly buried. I doubt Kenny stood in that many houses, but for electoral gain, he'd say anything.
Where was he last week when he said he'd ensure a smooth transition of the Finance Bill through the Dáil, a bill that will do nothing but add to the tragic statistics of suicide in this country over the coming months?
You can read the article here. The question I have, is simple. Is a man who dodges relevant questions put to him by the electorate of this country, a man who dodges debate by saying he won't partake because of some personal comment which I am absolutely sure was not meant in any literal way, and a man who has in the past used racist words in a joking fashion, the right man to lead of this land?
None of us are without a past, none without fault, but not all seek the privilege of leading this country. It's only a couple of days into the campaign but these are issues. If this election is fought purely on the economic situation we are in, we will achieve nothing and in no-time. All that is going to do is breed contempt and throw this country into further chaos in the months and years ahead. No decent person on this island wants that.

Health insurance and interest rates on mortgages have gone up in the past week. More squeezing of the vulnerable in society. The divide between rich and poor in this country is astronomical. We are pawns in a game of economic chess, until we choose otherwise. Choose wisely. In my own opinion, lives may depend on it.

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