Friday, February 4, 2011

Dancing With Dogs

It's the perfect day outside for a depressing opening sequence to a film. A nightmare for the sound department, natural elements loved by only the most appreciative of talent, a day blind of colour, but rich in a certain mood.
In America, half the nation lies feet deep in snow after one of the worst snowstorms to strike such an expanse in a lifetime. Imagine, playing ice-hockey on the streets of Dallas, Texas. Strange days indeed on Planet Earth.

Two days into the Irish election campaign it appears that it is going to be fought on economic issues. I'm tuning in, the difference between all the favourites are practically non-existent, the hard left preach something more radical, but in a way that doesn't make the numbers add up in a way that's going to please our ECB and IMF overseers. There's a feeling of doom and gloom, Enda Kenny the only of the participants offering a little razz-mattaz, you know the type they whip up Stateside when it comes to choosing their own new leader. Fair play to ya, Enda.

The debate on RTE last night concentrated on how we choose to shape our society, the lean I felt was toward Darwinian theory regarding a 'survival of the fittest' mentality, and a more equal footing in social terms a long way off yet.
I guess, though more complicated than my simple summing up, a medium ground needs to be found for those who wish to pursue wealth with all their vigor and those lured more towards looking upon life as an experience where the measure of that experience can provide insight into how that approach may be more beneficial than the first. Capitalism has failed, we can all acknowledge that once outside the tier who play that ideal for their own benefit. Communism failed because of the suppression of freedoms and provided little for those who wish to pursue accumulating vast amounts of wealth and social stature for whatever reason.

I think there would be a growing consensus among those living in society where the practice of democracy following a capitalist agenda may not be all it has been made out to be. Our simple vote may not carry the weight it should, when one must live within the constraints when the various bubbles burst as things begin to peak at the top of the pyramid.

Speaking of Pyramids, the proud civilisation of Egypt continues on it's revolutionary path and appears despite the attempted blackout, to be succeeding in their attempts to make their ruler of 30 years, Hosni Mubarak to take a hike. It appears it is only a matter of time now, and there is a wide spread feeling that more revolution may extend to other Arab nations like Yemen and Sudan. They want that democracy that we take for granted, but what is great about it when it's downside is always at the expense of the masses in general. It's just a different type of regime, one created by false advertising and illusion.

Last year I applied to study History & Politics, English and Philosophy. It wasn't to be and with doors been closed for now in attempts to start a business, I'm wondering if it's something i should put back on the agenda for this year. With a degree the chances of employment internationally are much better, and when one faces up to the sad fact that Ireland is closed for the time being it's something that needs more thinking over in the coming few weeks.
I could send Booker's World to some English dept heads and see could I not persuade them that way to give me a place instead of having to reply on a three minute interview like I did last year.
A few people got in touch over the last few days. Thanks for your words of encouragement in what's been a horrible week. Other writers who have to do their own fighting in some ways.

They say if you learn at every juncture then it's worth the experience. That has me miffed at the moment. I was told yesterday to continue on the way to publishing my book and building the website I have planned and maybe consider applying for the back to work scheme again then. My book is READY to go, but unless I'm missing something here, you can't make money when on social welfare. So why the delay?

I know, a broken record. Just need another plan. At least I have the election to keep me amused.
Image of yesterday, Dancing With Dogs. I wonder what Hunter S. Thompson would be writing if he was here to cover this election. Wouldn't it be wild to be getting paid with expenses to write about the Irish political scene. Or not.
It would make you want to invest in Ireland, wouldn't it?

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