Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Arise, Mr. Taoiseach

Enda Kenny became the country's 13th Taoiseach today. My favourite number. You will notice I have returned the capitalisation to the title, but it shall be removed quicker than Usain Bolt, should Enda not perform in the nations interests.
He deserves the chance, its been a long and winding road, but it must be a proud day for any individual to become the leader of the country of their birth, especially having received an overwhelming mandate from the Irish people.
Let's see how it goes and in fairness to the man, we won't be posting Episode 5 of In-A-State TV today. He deserves his moment, his plaudits or lack of them, have yet to be written, but there is no sense in projection. Not today anyway.

For anyone interested in the other people to come to the top table of power today can fill themselves in on the details here. Joan Burton must be disappointed.

Congratulations to all the returning members and the new members of the Upper House. For those who didn't get returned, tough sh*t, and for those who lost out, well there is always next time. I do believe Politics has a place in Irish society, if the problems within the system are addressed. Let's hope election promises are not reneged on.

I don't envy the task at hand for any of them. Mick Wallace looked terrible in his pink shirt and Ming look a little dreary. However, Mr. Flanagan spoke very well and any twitters among the assembled were delivered by men of lesser calibre than him.
Politics is not about looks or dress and some commentator who's name I missed on the radio today, took great issue about the dress of some of the new electee's.
He was reminded that it was men in suits that had discredited this country. He chose to argue, but i stopped listening. It's always been a problem in Ireland. Who you are, not what you are! People are slowly copping on, and although real change may be slow, new beginnings bring renewed hope. Let's hope it pans out.

Arise, Mr. Taoiseach. A man from my Grandfathers hometown, and he, a life long Fianna Fail man. I'd love to know how he would have felt about that?

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