Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Night Before The 'Dawn.'

The 31st Dáil rises tomorrow and the unveiling of the 15 new Ministers who will lead us toward prosperity again. From home some tears will be shed, but they won't be mine. Most likely the taps will open for those abandoned by the electorate, their dreams of serving the nation for up to five years, now intertwined with the memories of failed campaigns. Most will get on with the task of living the high life pretty quickly, some may wonder what went wrong and others, well, you know...

But with all new beginnings, it's only fair to give the incumbents a fair crack of the whip. Excuse the pun.
I suggest that Europe's tough stance on the panel interest rate attached to the bailout is a shrewd little game, and when Enda comes home sometime within the first 100 days having negotiated a slim reduction the plan will have gone down a treat and Enda and Angela will be bosom buddies again.
Of course the Europeans could play hardball and really want to teach us a lesson. It seems unfair on those who don't really need the harshness of the lesson. Some of us didn't buy in, while others bought in on promises based on lies, whereever the source. If our fellow Europeans decide to play it like that I guess we will see how patriotic our new governors will be.

There's not much time to be screwing around. Not a word has been uttered in the past 3 months but scandal and election. Where's the country at? A slight monthly drop in the unemployment line more notable for those getting out when the going is still fair.
Word coming back from Australia is it's boom, boom, boom. Jobs a plenty, and a little sun. A more relaxed approach to life too. Seems like a lot of hassle, but it must be considered seriously now, especially if things get any worse here. The screw tightens with each passing month and they won't let you help yourself. Baffles me sometimes.

Seems only fitting, it being the day that's in it, that I'm picking up the print copies of Booker's World in the morning. 18 months. Let's hope the second one doesn't take as long once I start. And maybe it can be written here. Stranger things have happened.

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