Monday, March 14, 2011

Booker's World Unoffical Launch

You may see on your right a dreaded Buy Now button. Since I started this blog some eighteen months ago the day has been avoided. Until today that is.
Because of the horrors in Japan over the past few days it didn't seem right to do it, and in a way, in the great scheme of things, whatever that is, it still doesn't.
But I guess Mother Nature has been around long before we were, and probably will outlast us all on into the future. And maybe it is simply better to live the day that's in it, because life in general does like to throw its curve balls at unexpected times.

For anyone who wants to know how this book came about they can find out by reading here.
I wanted to take a character (Don Booker) through a time in his life, where time for reflection is in abundance, but where the future looked bleak.
I probably write more about it over time, as its launch always was meant to be a call to action in my own career choices and I guess that work starts again today.
I know times are hard, so I will say a cheaper downloadable ebook will be made available to the digital readers among us in about 4 weeks, once I have a small launch. As usual I'll post details on that here.

I've also added a mailing list box on the home page where readers can sign up for a free PDF download of Sonny Strange which will then be sent to you. I will also be starting a newsletter which basically will give information on a project I'm developing at the moment.
I hope it will be popular among artists with an Independent heart. I hope people will get involved in The JaSE Project to see how we can implement a way to unite artistic endeavor for the social good.
Every statistic into addiction, depression and suicide in Ireland are among the worst in the world. Given the austerity that the previous government have placed on us all, a logical conclusion is that each of these will continue to rise on various graphs . Yet behind these lines, lie people, impacted for whatever reason by various injustices in society. As cuts take hold in essential services, people will have to help out in many areas if we are to reverse this sad statistic that blights Irish life sometimes.

I have a bit more work to do to set the ball rolling and will have to touch base with the Establishment again to see if they'll allow me to pursue it by granting me the enterprise allowance and the freedom to explore what's possible. There is not a whole lot more I can do that I can see. The business plan is ready, the book is there in print and there's a will there to get involved in an area which, let's face it, needs the involvement of many. I think there is great ability in people when they are encouraged, and if Ireland is ever to get out of the mess we are in, then it's time to prove that encouragement in real terms.

Next up is the Booker's World web series, a follow up on where Booker's World and Sonny Strange each end. So hopefully, by the time we are ready to show it to people, some people will know the characters and will be looking forward to seeing them being brought to life.
After that, once Bruce and theWeinstein Brothers come aboard, it'll be plain sailing.

Stayed Tuned.

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