Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Round Of Sunday

I never found watching Golf and writing to affect one another. Not when it comes to keeping a blog anyway. It may be why I like writing on a Sunday. I tend to wind down from the wind-up, as the week draws to an end. If that makes sense.
I have got into the habit of living life that way for some time now, and one would hope some good weather might cast its shadows on us all some time this year. Like the week, the months become repetitive, and I wonder as people grow older does it indeed turn to years as well. That would be a shame.

The sun does shine in parts of the World most days. The Canary Islands are noted for it, somewhere in between uncomfortable and unbearable dependent on which way the wind blows on a given days.
I spent a Summer in Florida a few years back and though some days were sticky, it was another world. There's something about blue skies and being able to sit outside at night.
I think a sunny country is definitely on the agenda should the employment stars pass over my life horizon this year. Not that I believe any of that nonsense.

Florida was a blast. It is the only place I have ever broke 90 on a golf course. No wind. No rain. Greens like magnets. Drinks on tap from vendors out shooting the breeze on their golf carts. Smiling too.
Bets for a Dollar with elderly gentlemen riding out their latter days driven to distraction by a little white ball. Bliss.
I returned on the 89th day of my 90 day stay. I didn't want to rule out the chance of going back someday. Upon my return I set about writing, and learning how to do it properly, and it finally paid off this week when i had my first book in my hands in print. It's a start, but somehow when you live in Ireland in the present day, Florida still seems a long way away yet. Even for just a round of golf.

Ever feel you could do with a moment of serendipity? They do happen, more common that people might think. Fleming stumbled across penicillin and saved lives. He nearly killed me...but that's another story.

Over the coming weeks I will have to start doing work on getting book reviews and start finding ways to get it out there. I'm going to have a small launch and after that I can finally start the second one. I have a first draft of a new novella wrote, and in between drafting the second book, I'll post that up on Smashwords as a free download, hopefully in the early Summer. Maybe a publisher can be picked up along the way, the time spent on everything else but writing when you are on your own is nearly unforgivable. Some call it drive. I call it sapping.

I think most writers just find the time spent actually writing the pay-off for all the other things that needs to be done. I'm not sure if i have the will to do the same again. Writing it, no problem. The rest though, I could definitely do with the help.
Meticulous was never a strong point of mine, so I appreciate the effort of third parties when it comes to delivering a finished product. It's taught me an appreciation for the process. Systems may change, but the written word will never go out of print. I couldn't imagine a world that didn't have books with rusted pages and the strange odour that comes with that. The one we don't quite know about. Whether to like it or not?
That would be the final injustice people would put on the world. You figure out things through reading, where other views on the World came from. The world don't feel so small then and you get a better understanding of people and sometimes life.

Which funnily, brings me back to golf. I have a theory for all those gamblers who found their bank balance going into the negative since Tiger's prowess became known for more than his golf.
Take the top ten before any final round, pick the two you would least like to be hoisting at the end, and bet on one of them to win.
Good luck with that...

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