Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Lefty View

I'm going to keep my politics to a weekly rant from now on... if I can. So here goes...

With Mickey Noonan heading to Brussels early in the week to deliver the bad news that the Irish Banks are in worse shape than previously thought (though commoners have been tuned in for yonks) and may need another €25 billion of recapitalisation, it was good to see Enda sticking up for Ireland when Sarky questioned one of the few ploys we have as a nation to draw companies here which may create employment, our Corporation Tax.
I'd have mixed feelings about this, but in the present climate it is a draw and although I think it's a disgracefully low amount of contribution compared to the ordinary man and woman, it's a bargaining chip at the economic pirate's poker table.
The problem is the new government seem to be heading in the same direction as The Failers, which is extremely worrying not just for those on the unemployment lines, but for all people just keeping their heads above water on this Island.
They have a massive majority thanks to Labour selling their soul to the right, and as such any respect I have for Labour currently as a Party, will be formed from any good they do in government and not for their left-wing stances. It's not a form of leftism I particularly like.

I'm going to take an imaginary punt on a significant change in the Irish political landscape pre-centenary celebrations. Some will say we have just had one. But have we really? Only the months and years ahead will tell. But I intend to be fair in my comment, but if you're a detached right-wing conservative, who is motivated by greed and prefers banks over people, it's probably best that you take a permanent hike from here.
On the back of the news the banks are in horrific shape, (No Sh*t) IMF heavyweight, AJ Chopper Chopra was back in town, and did I spot a stud in ear?
I get the feeling we will see more of 'Chops' in the coming time, especially when the oil starts coming to land from Corrib in the not to distant future. Who knows, he may become a resident once they 'disclose' we are actually swimming in the black gold off the West coast.
It's a pity we couldn't swap him for Deepak Chopra for a decade or so, might make the place a little more harmonious in the long term.

News that 'important people' will no longer be driven around in Mercs by the Gardai, the exceptions being the Taoiseach, The President, The tánaiste and the Minister for Defence, is to be commended, particularly when the sight of Brian Cowen and Bertie Ahern on bikes spring into mind.

Wednesday saw worrying figures issued in relation to the stress tests currently being carried out on the farcical Irish banking system. With thousands paying through the roof for mortgages in severe negative equity, the news that house prices are expected to fall further over the coming two years won't increase the hope of those who see themselves falling further and further into arrears with each passing month. With unemployment now closing in on 15% and expected to rise further, the economy is expected to retract further, despite forecasts for growth over the coming two years. If something is not done soon to reverse the situation I fear for Ireland, because once debt starts making waves above the neck, people act differently.

To put Ireland's predicament into an economic prospective, the turmoil in Japan witnessed over the past week has resulted in damage in the region of $198 billion.
Expected losses in bad loans is going to cost Ireland €100 billion, with the eventual cost of the debacle expected to cost in the region of €150 billion.
When currency is converted it is difficult to comprehend that the greed and corruption of a small number of people on a tiny island in the North Atlantic will match the total amount of the devastation wrecked upon the Japanese by the cataclysmic events of the past 9 days.
Of course in terms of human misery the similarity ends with economics, and it is only then people looking for some solace from financial woe can maybe appreciate that no matter how bad it gets here, we can never imagine the suffering Mother Nature wrecked on the Japanese.

With Enda in the White House for Paddy's Day and a few more chosen ones sent to other Irish outposts in the hunt for business, the Irish political week wrapped up early. There was the news that Obama is coming in May to save us all.
He was supposed to do that for his own in 2008, but the facts don't lie. It becomes more and more apparent with each passing year that even the President of the United States does not possess the power, no matter who they are.
Corpo's and banks rule the World and should they fail, well we bail them out. To see it any other way is foolish, the facts speak for themselves and they are there for all to see. Any politician of note is a puppet on a string, and let's be honest, who wouldn't mind being a puppet on a string with the perks available, no matter how bad you do. If money is the guiding force, the politics is the place to be. The World will wake up eventually, not that it will make a blind bit of difference in the end. We're all going the way of the Sun.

Nice to see Seanie Fitzpatrick out enjoying a few rounds of golf lately. Shocking, isn't it? Bankrupt a country and free as a bird to enjoy some of the good things in life. When those who guide the moral fabric of a society allow that sort of carry-on, well you'd have to fear for the society. 'Cause it ain't heading no-where but down into the gutter.

I'd expected better from the Irish, because I respect so much of the vision those who died for our freedom had for the country. That really should count for more than it does in the present day. Sadly, it doesn't, and from what I tell, it ain't going to change anytime soon.

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