Sunday, March 6, 2011


It can be a scourge sometimes. Most lives are just to busy to be able to put a bit of thinking into their daily routine. It definitely would be of benefit to a few, but for some it's not a great place to go.
Over the past number of years, and having a little more time on my hands, it would be fair to say I drifted off on a number of tangents, read accordingly, and tried to figure some things out. My findings, for the most part, have led me to believe I really shouldn't have bothered at all.
I didn't discover anything that is not there for anybody to look into, but the truth be known, most people wouldn't go looking. There is far more 'glamorous' subjects to be dwelling into should a spare hour or two need squandering.
I know I'd sooner watch a good movie than read two hours of Nietzsche, which is, for the most part, a pretty grim place to go.
Sometimes I think of stuff like a little dig out for the cold among us during Baltic conditions. Sometimes I even suggest them to others. Sometimes they are even implemented. So, thinking can be a good thing sometimes, if expensive on the tax payer. That's life!

There are some that might go as far as coming up with a few ways of turning around the country, but that's as far it went, as they would have more luck backing Enda Kenny with being 'The Chosen One.'
Time spent thinking is time spent 'not doing,' and I guess the freedom writing gives people provides an opportunity to work at both at the same time. It can take you away from the realities around for a few hours a day, and sometimes where that leads, makes one think about what a real adrenaline rush would feel like. Pity I don't like heights, bounding head first from an aeroplane sounds like a great way to send it rushing around your body. Imagine if the first attempt at opening the shoot didn't work, but luckily the spare was submissive. It must feel like writing twenty novels in two minutes flat.

While Ireland remains firmly up a dodgy creek without a paddle, and it feels like we still have to be hit by a tsunami or two, thoughts turn to just how bad things might get here. The political situations is the greatest threat to progress, especially if we are talking about the island of Ireland.
Labour and Fine Gael announced today that they will indeed sleep in the one bed for the foreseeable future. I personally think Labour have made a huge mistake.
Should they find governance, in times of austerity, not to their liking and they bail, Fianna Fail will prop up Fine Gael because not much is going to change. They could be doomed as a Party. Power over principals never works out in the long run. Ask any Green.

All the damage done to Ireland under The Failers, yet the 'decisions' they took won't change. In fact it seems they will all be implemented with vigor. Which is kind of a cheap sellout, isn't it?
Perhaps not for any cronies looking to pick up some crumbs, but that's how politics works in Ireland, a land ran into the ground, for the benefit of a few, with no accountability.
I feel in the next six months we are going to find out what the people think. I firmly believe significant political change and direction is possible in this country, if the desire is there.

If nothing changes in the short term, that desire for a change that does not screw up ordinary peoples lives that desire will grow stronger. There are no more fre rides in goverence in Ireland. They will be tested strongly by a more articulate electorate, the masses of unemployed, workers subject to mind boggling taxation, families losing loved ones to emigration and all those in serious danger of losing their houses following their livelihoods. That's without even going in to the economics which they all seem to whore to these days. The only way to appease all these people in the short term is solid proof that there will be a social change in direction in Ireland concentrated on people. Not an emphasis. Concentration. By early accounts, that tsunami ride may be a rough one.

Not the sort of adrenaline I want anyway. I wonder when the twist toward the happy ending in Ireland's Story will happen. I try not to think to much about that one.

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