Monday, April 18, 2011

Booker in the Bounty Bar

The quaint Bounty Bar in Trim, Co Meath played host to the launch of Booker's World yesterday afternoon. I was glad to see that invitations to the political elite were not responded to. It's one thing letting a character of the times have his say, but some writers prefer the cut and trust world of fiction and the stories that come from that to striking home the big decisions that affect us all. So Bertie, the two Brian's, Enda, Ming and even Boyler, I forgive you.

The picture above was taken inside the pub. On the right is a wooden frame containing the lyrics of a song my Dad recorded some years back called My Trim Along The Boyne. To the right is a painting of Trim Castle which gives the town much of its historical importance as a place on many tourist's itinerary.
Also on the wall are pictures of famous Irish Writers and photo's and documents of film and historical importance. My Dad is in fine company. It's just one little area of a beautiful little Irish pub and a place worthy of any book launch. The owners have long been supporters of my efforts whether it be writing or something more visual, as indeed have others. It's good to be part of a place where business has been a supporter of the Arts for as far back as I can remember.

I was glad to see a good turnout, one can never be sure with new things. It was nice to see so many friends again all gathered in the one place. Much thanks to Gerry Tully, who was the person who prompted me to write the book in the first place, who played some music after he strained his vocal cords reading a chapter from my scribblings. Thanks also to Ray Dolan for all his invaluable assistance throughout the process. Thanks also to Cllr. Trevor Golden who officially launched the book for me. Your kind words were very much appreciated. Thanks to Enda Casey and Chad 'Corscadden' for taking photographs and to Billy Wilson for being a great host.

There's a lot of work that needs doing now if its ever to spread its wings and get that readership that every writer wants. I've spent much of today going over final steps in prep for my second book and learning the craft of writing will be a continual process.
They say that you only ever get to write one first book. If I get to reflect someday on a small body of work, Booker's World will always be the one I'm glad I wrote first time out and i reckon it will always be the one that I hold closest to me. But reflection on any body of work first requires that body of work, so I guess I better get cracking...

Thanks everyone who showed up yesterday and for helping to make it a great day. 'Humbling,' I think they call it.

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  1. Good man, well said, thanks, no rest now... long road, Plow on !

    You're doing great.