Sunday, April 17, 2011


Well it's finally here. 18 months after punching in the first words of Booker's World I will finally get to launch it today. No going back now, it's going to be out there now. I have to admit there are some rather playful butterflies doing strange things in my stomach.

Though I've always wanted to be a writer, it would be fair to say if it was not for this recession, that want may not have turned into anything without it. I'm glad my first book is done and it was told through the character of Don Booker. It made the past 18 months manageable as the country crashed down around us.

Though the process was testing at the best of times it is good to prove something to yourself once in a while. Even more so against the backdrop of Ireland's woe. Hopefully some words will resonate with readers who deem it worthy enough to read and stay with them for a time. I'd imagine that's what writers cherish the most. Well, this one anyway.

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  1. Well done ... many congratulations ... look forward to reading it. It must be a wonderful feeling to have your work published and to see it in book format. I hope not to be too far behind you in understanding that feeling.