Sunday, April 10, 2011

Iceland Day

It's the final round of the Masters tonight. As the final nine holes begin for the final pairing, it has been Tiger's day so far, but Rory Mc is hanging in well.
I went through over 30 years without ever seeing an Irishman win a major golf title, but if Rory does come home tonight he will be the third I have seen doing it. It will also be the fifth major by an Irishman over the course of my lifetime, all of which have occurred over recent years. Ireland could do with a lift, so my imaginary money is on wonderkid McIlroy.

Iceland went to the polls yesterday to decide whether to pay back the UK and Dutch governments money they reimbursed savers in their countries who lost savings when rogue online bank Icesave went belly up at the start of the Financial Crisis.
It was the second time the honourable, intelligent and courageous people of Iceland have said 'No' to bailing out the losses of gamblers within the high ranks of Finance. I'm glad that the savers didn't lose out. American savers were not so lucky when Bernie was swindling his billions.
The UK and Dutch governments are now intent on suing Iceland through some world courts I have absolutely no clue about. Not sure where it will go from here.
Invasion perhaps?

The sum, less than €4billion, is like loose change when compared to the astronomical figures the Irish have been subjected to. We won't be given a choice of course. The government of the day wouldn't trust us with making such an important decision. Why there is a decision to be made at all is beyond me.
I read a fellow Facebooker ask today if her losing bet on the Grand National would be reimbursed to her because she lost yesterday. For me, it hits the nail on the head. It's what is being allowed to happen here. We are being screwed right, left and centre, bailing out gamblers who are held to no account.
I sometimes wonder why Icelander's stand together and quell injustices but we remain rather stagnant on the issue. We are a rebellious enough race of people, yet it would seem that we are going to take all that has been ruthlessly forced on us since we had our own belly-up.

I'm sure the Icelanders will sleep sound tonight. As will I. Super weather all weekend, half moon in a clear spring night, stars a glowing in the sky.
As I close another 'blog week' there are five tied for the lead down the stretch on one of Earth's natural pieces of art. It's Iceland's Day, and as Rory falls behind on the turn in at Augusta National, even if he wins, he won't be able to take that from them tonight.

As they say in France, Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité!
They should be proud.


  1. Noel, For F's sake you can't make it up fast enough. As an American living in Dublin I shake my head, or are people shaking their head at me? I don't even know anymore. How about someone, somewhere, being held accountable? Not a banker, charged, not a bishop, not a politician, not a developer. I know, I know, we are where we are, but my god! I go back to the states, people bitch about the government, but I tell them they haven't a clue how bad things can get. Let 6000 people go from the banks so the ones who made the decisions can stay. God help me I'm losing what's left of my sanity with my ranting. Keep up the good work, all the best,

  2. You couldn't write the shit that's gone on here could you, Mike? It would wear one out just thinking about it. A desert island feels good right now. Thanks for reading.