Friday, April 8, 2011

Nooner Nonsense

The latest meeting of the Important people in Finance took place in palatial surroundings in Budapest today with the focus on the Portuguese Bailout. It's conditional of austerity being rammed down the throats of their civilians. Shoe-In so...
The Spanish were there saying they will be fine, but we have all heard that one before.
Michael Noonan looked like he was enjoying himself, the issue of a lowering on the interest rate for the loan to bail out the gamblers remains off the table, with Nonner suggesting as he builds relationships with his fellow Finance Ministers good news could come by June. Didn't take the Gaelers long to hit the stride with the Europeans, in fact their opening engages with them even out-do the previous abomination.

I reckon we'll get a slight reduction eventually, but don't be surprised if it comes with an increase in our Corpo tax which currently stands at 12.5%. It's good to be a Corporation. The bottom line is Ireland is doomed once we play ball with the jet- set. Never thought I'd see the day we would be sold out by our very own. Whatever lies in the underbelly of politics the world over in their guidance on issues is seriously disturbing.

The Department of Finance came out today and said that serious cuts needed to be made in Social Welfare and in Education. Little feelers as we move into the middle part of the year. Expect to be hit and hit hard soon in a variety of ways. We might have another little sing song later in the year on O'Connell Street and boo a Trade Unionist or two, but let's face it, it's unlikely to make a blind bit of difference.

It was revealed yesterday that the death of Rachel Peavoy early in the year was put down to misadventure. I wrote about Rachel before. She froze to death during the cold snap after her heating was switched off. A group has been launched on Facebook to demand a public inquiry. A Dáil debate today said that suicide and self-harm cases are rising. The figures were already catastrophic.

I wonder was Brian Clown or the rest of the ones we ran out of office out for a round of golf in that sunshine today? Wouldn't it be lovely to be retired so young with the State taking great care of you for leaving your mark on Ireland by bankrupting it. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

Going to drive West tomorrow to take a look at the Atlantic Ocean. See if I can't conjure up a little spirit from somewhere. Wish I didn't have so much time on my hands either to have to write about the events of the day. A good paying job could sort all that out. Maybe be placed in charge of a little fund of some description to make a few films or woe be-tide, a Seanad seat imposed on a commoner by Mr. Kenny himself.

Not likely Booker!

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