Monday, May 9, 2011


Wow, four days since I blogged. Could life actually be getting a little more interesting of late? Truth be known I wish it was the case, but it gets tiring and downs the spirit when all one can write about in a country under enormous strain, is that strain.
So over the last week, concentration was on tightening up business plans and getting together material for another attempt at getting something off the ground. If the effort fails again, well...

It's almost like being caught in a cocoon, and especially so, the longer one finds themselves unemployed. It's like there is much you feel you can do, there is words of encouragement from those that matter, but words they remain, as when it comes to the practicalities there is miles of red tape in front of you. Except it's not red tape anymore, it feels more like barb wire.
What sickens me more is the growing divide that seems to be taking place by workers, ravaged over the past two years whist being told they are lucky to have a job, and the unemployed, who, for the most part want to work, but there are no real jobs out there. I remember all that back in the 1980's, before i even worked. It's just one example how the previous government drove this country back 30 years. And still they'll mouth their moralistic bullsh*t to us all and the crazy thing is, some actually buy it.

You meet various people along the road of Sh*t Creek and sometimes you stumble over people with difficulties far more than your own. Of course they see the bigger picture, that Sh*t Creek is actually a twenty mile radius around Fuckishima or a bedroom where you are about to be Binladened.
I think it is then you realize that in many ways we are actually lucky for what we got despite all the recent woes to befall us as a nation. And because of that luck I think it is important to bounce on, for whatever reason. Bounce on into what? Well, that's open to anyone's interpretation nowadays.

Take the last week on this absurd planet. Navy Seals take out the worlds most wanted man. What ensues is rather disturbing, given the serious amount of news propaganda to be gained from it. It reminds me of a movie i seen a good few years ago with Robert De Nero. Wag The Dog. It's all quite surreal sometimes, don't you think? Assuming you do, of course.

The flexing of muscles is rather distasteful. Sure the world can do without the likes of Bin Laden, but playing it out in a juvenile fashion in the mainstream, we can also do without. How about freeing up some of that air time and giving the people of Gaza a little leg up when it comes to the modern practice of forms of Journalism. I mean, this is being beamed into living rooms around the world.
Are the misinterpretated points of Darwin's theory the only ones that come into play in our media centres. The one about the survival of the fittest and the how it has destroyed a Planet in pursuit of Capitalist gain. It would make you wonder what humans may eventually evolve into.

Then there's Europe, and its important people running around like headless chickens after Greece threatened to pull out of the Euro at the weekend. Inroads are now being made on a reduced interest rate and a revised bailout package. Good news for us? We will see.
Just disappointing that it wasn't us that grew a spine when it comes to dealing with these pariahs of society who drive people into constant mediocrity while selling them everything they ever want via a screen of many sizes. Might have given the people a lift, no? To think we have leaders capable of standing up for what is right. Time Ireland found her own direction. We are capable. Not enough faith put in that though. That's unfortunate.

And then the death of Seve Ballisteros. Fifty-four. Legend of the game of golf. When asked once in an interview if all his success was a surprise to him he spoke like people should think.
He dismissed the reporters viewpoint by saying he disagreed as he had visualized all his success before it happened. The guy, let's face it, inspired a continent of golfers. The benefits of that can be seen by European prowess on the tours these days. Now that's a legacy to be proud of. One person.
Not bad, hey?

Life Hall of Famer, any day of the week.

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