Thursday, June 2, 2011

Branding Bullshit

I tuned into Vincent Browne tonight. First time in a while. I tuned out half way through not out of disrespect for the show, but the continuing waffling of those high up in politics and the media is beyond boring by now.
On the panel was a well-groomed Fine Gaeler, a Failer who could read passages from the bible and no one would believe him, a journo from the Indo babbling on about how great the government are doing, and a Sinn Feiner who wants to play hard ball with the financial sharks, but should they choose not to play with us, lacks a vision for the countries future. I also got distracted by the Gaelers hair, I'm sure he puts a bottle in it, but then my TV isn't as big as it used to be.

I think the show needs a new slant, I'm tiring of the establishment of this country coming on night after night selling their different brands of Bullshit and expecting us to believe it. They can put on all the shows they want for visiting dignitaries and people can preach all the positivity they want, but the bottom line is simple. In the words of those Talking Heads, 'We're on the road to no-where, come on inside.'

Leo 'I think I might be Taoiseach' Vadaker came out over the weekend to say Ireland will need a second bailout soon enough. Enda Kenny must have been wondering why he appointed him to the cabinet table and quickly moved to silence him by denouncing such a notion.
I'm sure 'Tricky Dicky' Bruton is going to grow a pair of horns out of his head any day now as he continues to insist on driving the lower class down into a new social bracket, The Lowered Class. To think I nearly backed that man over Enda Kenny last Summer. Shame on me. Chuck them both out now Enda when the irons hot. Next thing you'll have Joan Bruton out saying Nooner is shite at his job.

Like all governments, they sell you what you want to get into power. Let me put it another way. They lie. Modern day politics is corrupted with it. With divide and rule the old tactic they make those who 'live off the State' feel worthless when they comfortably live off the state themselves...for life. There's morons running around the golf courses of this country on this island today living off the taxpayer with nothing of note on many of their CV's except having bankrupted us as a nation. There's a lot of bankrupted folk doing the same living off NAMA handouts. I can also exclusively tell you that it's more than a couple of hundred a week.

We're Europeans now. We do what Europe say. And our friends in New York too. I personally didn't buy into the Super-State approach, but bound by the will of the people I am one now, like it or lump it.
A fair approach would be to hand the power back to the people and let them decide based on honesty, laying before them all consequence of action and have a Lisbon 3. Throw a few more things into the equation while we are it and vote on that on the same day. There's to many politicians in this country and most of them are in it for personal gain. The perks are, and remain there. It's the only show in town if your not in NAMA or a banker.

Vincent there is still time for a run, you know. With the good Senator Norris now embroiled in controversy it could be time to take up the reigns. We'll get you in and you sign nothing.
Might liven up the show a little too. Tonight with Vincent Brown. Live from The Áras. Now wouldn't that be, should we say, 'inclusive.'

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