Monday, May 30, 2011


When you are witness to the established way of seeing things, like when Her Majesty was over or Barack was in town over the last few weeks, watching tonight's Prime Time Investigates on the national broadcaster was a stomach churning experience and truly shows the level at which some people barter to their own importance at shocking expense of the people they govern.
They call it history in the making, and the wider issues of the day, as excuses for their extravagance, but Prime Time laid bare to some extent what this country has been reduced to when it comes to their duty to care for the most vulnerable of those among us.
My only thought as I watched it was this was only the tip of the iceberg and with a country going backward, and no real leadership being shown, it is hard to imagine it getting better anytime soon. I guess the electorate have to take their fair share of the blame for, whatever reasons, we send in the same standard of troop to do our battles, but delivery is an entirely different matter.

I listen as Ruari Quinn, a capable man, spelt out what he perceived as the wrongs in the way selections are made for third level education and the shortfalls of the points system. The problems of that will take more than six years to sort out and what happens if that fails? Another HSE?
The problems in education and the literacy standard lie much lower than the problems at Leaving Cert level and they need addressing. Educating kids in prefabs, being rented off people by the State and in considerable dis-repair is wrong considering the price the people of the country have been made to pay for the actions of yet unaccountable shysters.
The price for catastrophe on the old CV in Ireland - a fat cat pension. I fear we are now to far down the road to ruin to turn back without defaulting. I would not like to be watching Prime Time Investigating anything in five years time if that proves to be the case. Two months in and no serious politic is taking place. Snailing our way forward, small cracks beginning to appear. Hardly instills confidence in the cut throat world of the marketplace. Enda can be likable, but we need more than that.

At least Jobless Paddy is doing something about it. Two grand is better spent on this than lying gathering dust in a bank vault in Ireland. Even better spent on a film, but that's another story. The Quinn's and Anglo (us) are going to go hell for leather at it through the courts. Who's paying for that? That's right, you and I? 'Cause they sure as hell haven't got any. And who pays the eventual victor?
Makes for some interesting fly-on-the-wall material going forward, when you consider who knows what on who and just how far aggrieved one party is to the other. All books should have flies. Mine did. They can be a writers best friend sometimes, the dirty feckers.

Summer is to re-appear for a couple of days towards the end of the week. Might be a good time to do a feel good comedy about a TD and the Larry Mulligan approach to politics. Bring the ol' eccentric failed politician back to life for a while. Good ol' Larry, he sure loved them birds.
Chuck Feeney, if you're reading, give me a call. I have an idea!

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