Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dead Peasants

You probably wouldn't believe me if i said some companies insure their employee's against death and pocket handsomely when that happens. The family who have lost the loved one, well they get nowt. I wouldn't believe it myself if it were not true. The 'scheme' is called Dead Peasants. Dead would be pretty self explanatory, but Peasants? You can make your own judgment on that one.
It's just one of the products available today in the Insurance market. One wonders if Irish firms are involved in such garbage. What do they call their unfortunate employee's who often times work for little or nothing, only to be let-go when the company ships oversees or heaven forbid, goes bust?

EC President Jose Manuel Barrosa yesterday gave his support for a 1% reduction in the Bailout for Ireland, but said it was unlikely to be on the table at this weeks meeting of EU Leaders.
I've said in the past that I was sure Europe would give us a reduction in the terms at some stage, a kind of show-of-love by them to help new Taoiseach Enda Kenny implement the pain of austerity on his own citizens.
One reckons the eventual reduction will coincide with the implementation of more austerity measures this year where another €3.6 billion in cuts have to be made. A little softener to those blinded by the truth, that Ireland and her citizens have been royally screwed since Brian Cowen and Brian Lenihan gave the blanket guarantee in 2008.
A reduction in the Bailout is not some saving grace for our island because it should not in any decent society have been allowed to happen. The banks should have been left to rot along with those who gamble within their walls. The problem in modern society is everything is spin. The media are as much to blame as the politicians and of course the church won't lose either, offering solace to lost souls in desperate times, so Rome's coffers can swell a little more.

Polls in today's Irish Independent suggest that Fine Gael are riding the crest of a wave with party support at 42%. Enda's popularity is up to 65%. Fianna Fail remain static at 16% and one hopes it remains that way after 20 years where ill-political practice was the mainstay of their day.
Me, well I'm not buying it. Who do they poll on these things. To me it's all media driven spin, put out there to the people to convince them Ireland is on the up. I doubt many were polled from the middle and lower classes. But then again, this country has long been run for the benefit of a few with Capitalism spearheading the ways in which the rich virtually pay no tax, yet the margins are screwed time and time again.

The end result? Best left maybe for a draconian book. Orwell was right about Big Brother. Wait until they regulate the Internet.
Capitalism has brought the world to the brink on the back of digital money, stored in computers to be weaved here and there so these criminal bankers who are the real government get away with doing what they please. There will be a tipping point and it gets closer by the day. The outcome, well, it's to distressing to think about.

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