Friday, June 17, 2011

In The Summertime...

So the government hit the 100 days in office yesterday. Most targets set out pre-election have not been met and those that have, well are you inspired? The unemployment figure is down, but that is due to the way they handle seasonal adjustments over at the Central Statistics Office.
There's been no reduction in the bailout terms. In real terms nothing has changed. There was a promise yesterday that there will be no tax increases or social welfare cuts in December's budget, but many of us have heard that before. And if there are to be no tax increases or cuts in welfare, well the money, or should I say the cutting of it, will still have to be found in other ways.

I have a solution for the short-term. Let's use everyone on the dole and incorporate them into an international think-tank for a spell. Let's film the lot and study them for 19 hours a week. On rota- bonus to be given for the graveyard shift. Volenteers who want the night shift are immediately made overseers... I mean supervisors.
It would be a publicity stunt though. I mean what could society gain from the study of those who have no work. What would they have to offer to rival superior beings of intellect. You know, the rule-setters, the guardians of free society.

The Dáil is off on its Summer recess shortly. Few months off, sure where would one get it? Of course there is much work to be done at the parish pumps, it's not like there is a national and international economic crisis folding before our very eyes. Never mind those troublesome Arabs who dare to want some freedom of their own from their genocide practicing Western educated leaders.
We here in Ireland have a knack of getting rid of citizens, but thankfully its without Army intervention. We just shake our heads and leave, not quite sure what we are witnessing, but smart enough to know it might be time to get out for awhile.
It's hard to see the social direction improving on the old charts in the coming years with the leadership lacking any real balls. And maybe that's the problem... maybe it's time a woman stood up the plate. I think all would agree the two Mary's have served us well over the past 21 years. Why not in Dáil Eireann?
Not the likes of Mary Harney stepping up now, no pun intended.

One feels, like the past three, the latter end of the year will be a tough one. But who knows, some wise wizard might appear from somewhere and deal us all a hand we might be able to play with. A lad like Ted Kenny... but that's another story...

The year is flying by. I'm having trouble making decisions. It seems the ones I make these days are the wrong ones. So you'll get the reason for the difficulty. It's been a week of testing the waters on a few things. More out of necessity these days than anything else.
The Booker's World web series is now been put back until mid-August because the lead actor has a gig and can't shave before that. I know Booker can be a scruffy hoor, but I think it's best to wait. Gives me more time to work on the ebook so. Who knows what I'll do over the Summer now... A bit like the majority of the lads above in the Dáil, so I guess on some level we are all one. I guess it's the way you look at things.

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