Friday, July 29, 2011


What country gave away, at a conservative estimate, €420 billion of gas reserves to a big oil company and cracked down on the dissenting locals with force and imprisonment and then allowed a regulator lob a 22% hike on domestic gas prices on citizens of _______ struggling in every quarter except the established one?
Answers on a postcard please to Who Wants To Be Taken For A Ride? at P.O Box, 56232265569, Plankville.

Seriously though! Political sci-fi writers would be laughed at. But yet it happens. It would not be so bad if the wealth was coming ashore for the benefit of the Irish people and then the World, but no, the only thing coming ashore is pollutants, be they oil or radioactivity.
Ireland is being continually wrapped with a leather belt for failings by those who escaped the label of failure because the government of the day said so. Haven't we not had enough of those damn belts in Ireland yet?
Ireland's CEO, AJ 'Chopper' Chopra was in town today to give an insight into the €3.6 billion of cuts and tax hikes to come in December's budget despite Enda and Eamon's insistence there would be no cut to social welfare payments nor any tax hikes this year. Have we Statesmen willing to stand up for the Ireland at long last? Or will Chopper continue to wear his 'I can do what I want' look every time he graces us with his presence?

Here's how I think it will all play out. Tomorrow the media will fill us in on the minor details. The 'debate' will begin. Labour will have massive pressure put on them. Fine Gael will stand firm. Cracks will appear, but like most coalitions they'll limp on until it comes around to saving their bacon. Unfortunately that can sometimes backfire. Ask The Incredible Hulks!

Let's face the reality. Ireland's going to be tramped on again, thousands more will leave, the economy will constrict because money fuelling what's left of it will be put in State owned zombie banks so the ride at the top can go on and many remain ignorant of it, bought for the price of a medical card to access an inept health service. And that's being kind...
NAMA posted first year losses of over a billion euro yesterday. With nine years to go and everything the world over on the brink of economic collapse, it's hard to see the Agency going anywhere but alongside the many, many other costly pearls of wisdom previous governments have implemented. Overspends, inflated wages and pensions, rent of prefabs, e-voting machines, cash bonanza's for those that bankrupted us, etc, etc, etc, etc efeckinctera.............
The blog started nearly two years ago. It's been a sharp dive down the graph ever sense. At this rate of going the running joke in the Third World will so be, 'The First World...(laughs) ... tomorrow's third world. And no-one saw it coming.' (more laughs)

Well at least RTE have spent some of their cash wisely in the production of a special with Christy Moore hosted by Gay Byrne tonight. I was listening to Christy once on a CD Player when he walked past me in a place, well, that's another story.

Modern day and great Irishmen. Both of them. People Ireland can be proud of. In an age when people like that are harder and harder to find. It's a shame Ireland has gone the way it has... yet again. It's almost a generational phenomenon by now. Will that cycle ever be broken?
It's a tough thing to say, but it's looking like it won't, well, not in my lifetime anyway. Those who brought us to our knees should be ashamed of themselves, but for the lost part, I'm confident they're not. History can't be faked anymore, and history records. Unfortunately the world don't spin on the creation of some semblance of legacy or contribution to life that befits existence.

It spins until the Sun says we don't anymore. Scientific fact that one...

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