Thursday, July 28, 2011


It's great to see that some areas of life are free from recession and austerity. Shell and BP posted combined profits for the quarter of £7.2 billion for the FIRST quarter of this year. Yes, I wrote billions, it is not a misprint. That amounts to something like £30 million an hour. That's not a misprint either.
BP, who were responsible for the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill last year and Shell, whom the previous Irish government gave our gas reserves too, proves that the destruction of the planet and its environment are not only good for business, they have government backing to do it as well. Wake up people!

In Ireland this past few days rumours of a white collar boxing showdown between Pope Ben and Enda Kenny are exactly that and highly unlikely to take place.
As Rome considers its latest excuse and response to the Cloyne Report, the battle between Church and State enters a new era. Trouble is most are wising up to them both. 800 million kids on the verge of starvation in Somalia and The Vatican, one of the richest states in the world. Ireland lobbing a million here and there, but hundreds of billions to give back crooks the money they lost gambling... with everyone's lives. Come on... really!

I think quote of the day yesterday came from Alan Shatter as he defended the governments latest stealth tax on society in the shape of a property and water tax. Yes, I wrote water. In Ireland.
"I don’t believe that the vast majority of people who have a great deal of common sense are going to get overexcited about what is a very small charge in circumstances in which this State and this Government is bound by the EU/IMF agreement to put in place some property tax provision," Shatter said.
I guess I'm a moron so. Plus it makes me wonder how Shatter can pawn off blame for the charge on the IMF and EU and keep a straight face when if that's the case we don't need the 166 TD's in the Dáil because they have no power.

Lots of talk about boycotts and refusal to pay will soon be wrapped up in its usual way. If you don't pay, you'll be fined. Non-payment of that and it's Mountjoy. Yes , A common criminal. With no common sense. Oh, the stigma.
The thoughts of being in there with Bertie and Seanie Fitz and Mick Lowry is sure to have people quaking in their boots and ... oh wait, sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. Those are free men. We deal juctice out in this country at pace for some, in reverse for other.

Examples? I'd need to be paid to go into all that.
I wonder why despite all the anger and protests nothing changes. It's because if it was not for the Internet we'd know nothing about any protests. But Facebook, I'm beginning to see, is not the way forward. There probably will be a much larger website that connects people to emerge soon, one that is not so fond of personal information. As a tool to unite common people with common goals it's not hitting its mark. I can think of the reasons why, but hey, that's another story...


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