Sunday, July 3, 2011


Social commentary in the pro ranks must be testing waters. I used to get my news from the usual outlets, the tv, newspapers etc. Then I began to get it online. Definitely a wider scope. These days I'm usually drawn only to articles or content posted by people who may have some interests similar to mine. There's pros and cons to that, depending mainly on the subject matter of interests. But it works out mostly, except perhaps in the subject of the Arts. There would be many reasons for that.

Sundays are always good days for catching up. Tuning out recently has been beneficial as it means more dedication to the pursuit of a visa so one can make the move. Staying in Ireland seems more pointless with each passing week. I don't see the potential in government anymore and once that's gone, well i think you realise the game is up. Better to be bitter and paid I reckon than bitter and on the dole. There was a work-for-free programme launched last week in Ireland to hopefully give 5,000 people an opportunity. A chance for the top companies to have a round of cherry-picking at the tax payers expense. One wonders if the money was invested in actually letting the 5,000 people off the leash with their ideas, would we actually have a chance to sort out the mess we are in.

I read this article by Gene Kerrigan earlier. Damn fine piece of writing. The problem as I see it though, few will read it and of those, few more will care. Those at the top certainly won't. They must be bewildered but delighted at this stage how well Ireland is submitting to more tiers being added to Irish society. But for some unknown reason, quiet we are. Kerrigan can be let rant a way, for few will buy into it no matter how much sense it actually makes.
The pace of change has been painfully slow whenever it has come to addressing any of Ireland's historical woes and despite all its promise, the opportunity that was there over the past 20 years, so 'carelessly' let slip away, was wasted. And yet you feel with the lack of a challenge to the nation or some sort of a vision for the future that actually steers away from the absurdity of all that has gone here since 2008, the biggest opportunity we may ever have as a country is also being let slip away. With little to lose one would think that would be the call, wouldn't you? Which again beggars the question. Why is it so? Orchestration in my opinion, and with austerity being the buzzword in so many countries these days, it's hard to see Western society in the circles that impact on human life doing anything but continuing on its anti-evolutionary way to the detriment of us all. It's unfortunte, but it's where the world is at in 2011.

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