Sunday, July 10, 2011


Seven days can be a long time in anything, but when it comes to writing the blog lately it's not long enough. I said to myself most evenings I should go upstairs and do some writing, but overcome with a dose of ICGAF, I didn't bother.
Sometimes I try to fit more into a day than the day allows, but other things were more important this week, and when you don't feel passionate about something it's best not to do it. This form of writing felt like that this week, but with a little better news toward the weekend the other forms didn't suffer as much.

There's no doubting the big news story of the week. The demise of the News Of The World newspaper over a hacking scandal that threatens to expose the threat of media conglomeration for what it is, and may even have some political consequence as well. Famed for its probing investigations and sensationalist headlines the News Of The World was Britain's best selling Sunday newspaper for many years. Worthy in some cases, but generally celebrity clap trap, bought because it was cheap, it delivered with the same.
Where do I stand on the right to privacy? I think everyone is entitled to it. If Jude Law is a womanizer or Ashley Cole has a fondness for a bit of rough after a few drinks, well, where is the public interest in that? Do I give a 4x about who was caught whispering in who's ear at some celebrity bash? Couldn't give a toss to be honest.
But it does interest some people, it's accepted and most importantly, it sells. And when the buck is the bottom line, it's a corporate wet-dream. It's one of the greatest cons of modern times. Ordinary people actually propping up the tyrannical way established forces continue to turn them and the planet into an environmental and social waste grounds.
I'm not sure for what at the end of the day, but it's a pity people don't learn through their education how the world really works. No, people are groomed to be a number in a Capitalist World which in turn spits them out time and time again... if their 'Western' that is.
And what profits from misery. Funnily, entertainment is one of those things. So, who's 'entertaining us?' The same guys that will hack into your phone to get a story and if that is what Journalism aspires to, then the media are no better than the politicians with power or the bankers who thieve from us all with government approval. And it's ordinary people that put them there in popularity contests, in which aspirate's have to be 'chosen to run.'
But then, more learned people will tell, that's exactly the way it's all supposed to be.

In three months time Ireland will elect someone to be the President of this country for a seven year tenure. The main political parties can choose their candidate and citizens can run if they secure nominations from four county or city councils which are all controlled to the best of my knowledge by 'the main political parties.' All very Roman, isn't it?
In Ireland, that is part of the problem. You either sell your soul to the political or media gentry, or you're not worthy. The perks are big, no doubt about it. Our next President with have rent free accommodation, a host of perks, €350k a year and have to pay for nothing. Let's face it and I don't mean any disrespect to previous incumbents, but who wouldn't want that number.
I'm sure Fianna Fail are not ready to be pro-active in their own recovery just yet, but here's an interesting take on something I'm sure a few of them will be reading today. I don't think they are so brave, but then you never know. They are in danger of falling apart. It's time they came back to being a Republican Party and not extensions of European Bureaucrats who control them. If they don't do that soon, they're doomed. They really need to turn their think-ins back to that and not the travesty it became in the days of Bertie and Brian. Three grand a week from the nations coffers for helping to bankrupt a nation? And people are supposed to be an evolving species? Wake up!

I've quoted Freud's alleged comment about the Irish before. He was supposed to have said, " This is one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever." Case in point being yesterdays election by the Fine Gael part of Gay Mitchell to be their candidate for the upcoming election. Enda seemed rattled as his favourite Pat Cox was soundly beaten into third place. It shows how weak Kenny's position is within his own party. I still have visions of Enda turning the tide under a 'Who's Your daddy' banner, but visions can get you locked up, so best not to dramatize. Ireland awaits it's next great States-person?
Step up, please...

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