Wednesday, July 13, 2011


With broken election promises, hacking going on all over the place and Italy within weeks of going under barring divine intervention, the need to not only get out of Ireland, but perhaps the Northern Hemisphere altogether is at an all-time high. So with that in mind, I'll be taking a few days to remind myself of what I'll be missing when I'm gone, by taking a camping trip down the country.

She is a beautiful country despite the fact we are being run by and controlled by people who ruin it for the rest of us. They know who they are and trust me, if wearing a suit and acting the big-shot is the mark of respect in this country after all she's been through for the past three years, well I'll take Mick Wallace, Gerry Adams, Joe Higgins, Richie Boyd and Ming Flanagan any day of the week, their own dress-code included.

With politicians soiling the practice with each passing day the world over, the majority give those worthy of political practice taunts and then laugh about among themselves, but in my world what a person wears is no longer the mark of respect or competency. Nope, in many cases that's failure, because justifying the obscene pensions some of our esteemed establishment made away with when measured against the human and social cost to the nation can't be looked at in any other way. Irish folk may cop on one of these days but we are a day or two away from realizing it yet and perhaps even longer away from changing it, if indeed such a thing is possible at all.
True democracy is not the choice of who is chosen and put before us by our esteemed elite who continue to suck up to European bureaucrats who penalized hundreds of millions of people for banking failures. If that's democracy, then democracy is dead.
Politicians need to think for the people who put them there, not promise the earth and only deliver to moochers, if indeed they are lucky. At the end of the day they can answer that one for themselves. The good among them may one day turn our fortunes around... but I doubt it!

Peace out. 'Tis Summer. Time to chill before the winter of discontent... Hopefully on an Australian beach watchin' sunsets after a day in the surf. Maybe emigration may not be so bad after all...

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