Friday, July 15, 2011


So I return to see I've made a fool of myself. It isn't the first time! After sounding out the good Mick Wallace as someone who might practice a better brand of politics and that it did not matter how he dressed, good old Micko duly went and had a bit of a go at fellow TD, Mary Mitchell-O'Malley, in what will forever go down as 'Piggy-Gate.'
In the great scheme of things it's small. It's unfortunate that it happened. Humans will be humans. He's apologized, and in the spirit of things Mary Mitchell-O'Malley accepted it. End of story? Probably not, as other voices will try to turn it inside out with 'their angle.' And all views are important to an evolving society.
I remember the night Wallace said he was running for office. I raised my eyebrows. Wallace is a builder who got in a little deep during the Tiger. In the great shark pool of those who got in deep, Wallace is small fry. His election made me think, 'Only in Ireland,' but he has been known as voice of discontent toward the establishment in times past, and sure, who would blame a lad for trying to get ahead without getting married to the mob?
No matter how you view Wallace it's hard not to admit he is a colorful character and perhaps even needed at this dreadful time in Ireland's woe. Elected he was, and one hopes he gets the chance to stay in the Dail, though usually when you voice against the order, you lose. Good luck Mick.

No sooner had I read Piggy-Gate, my eyes widened in astonishment as it came across the airwaves that Enda Kenny is fast becoming the Artful Dodger, minus the Artful of course. Mayo native Enda will not be attending the Connaught Final on Sunday .
One wonders if the opposition has anything to do with it, considering how they were spun by the Gaelers pre-election with false promises. Perhaps a ruthless effort to rid the Dáil of Ming Flanagan, another dissenter? A political tactic to see can they get rid of him before the next election perhaps? Hoping the people of Roscommon will realize Ming is no good as an Independent and with their services rapidly declining, they fling him from office? Only for Ming to fight back by launching a new political party, The Brand New Greens with help from Singer Dan Boyle, to win a landslide in the Summer election of 2014.
As we all know it is not the first time Enda has done a bit of dodging after running from Vincent Browne.
On that occassion you might recall he wanted the chair to symbolize the thousands lost to emigration. Well here's one for you Enda... Their still going in their droves.
Quit avoiding the issues and get on the saddle and if your genuine in your excuses then face the damn questions and people if necessary. Leaders lead, remember?

Speaking of positions of importance it was another shameful day for the Catholic Church with the publication of The Cloyne Report. You can read the main points here.
There is always a rogue element in every institution, but when the very top of the church are involved in the cover-ups, in anyone's terms that's appalling.
Government and Church have ruled over this land since its inception and charged with the moral and social guidance they both preach about, but seldom deliver. They set the mark. Well, look around you. I would never deny anyone a belief, but those carrying the message are of a disturbingly poor standard and one must ask the reason why? My money's on money. Yours?
It just highlights everything really. For the Irish who were made suffer in silence for generations. As Absurdism suggests in its philosophy, once you accept it, an individual can pursue their own meaning. It's easy to turn to philosophy when Church and State offer little truth with each passing day. For those still servant and in a proper way, it must be a test of even their faiths. To have given a life for a hierarchy that tried to cover-up abuse. Perhaps Absurdism offers solace to some along the way.

On my little tour of Galway and Clare over the past few days I finally got to read my third book of the year. The book was placed in my hands about six months ago. After reading it, I knew why.
Within its rusted pages I found the words i might have been looking for. A kind of thinking that frees a person and perhaps even allows for happiness along the way. Well, at the very least, a decent pursuit of it.
Far removed from the world by a lakeside, miles from anywhere was just what the old batteries needed. I read some good wisdom between the pages. Might just have been what I was looking for right now to keep ploughing on regardless.
One statement made by the books protagonist, Morrie Schwartz was how the people of the planet are so easily brainwashed by the most simple of methods. You just keep repeating stuff to them. If you look around you see it at work everywhere. It's hard to avoid. Yet, life can be simplified. Perhaps even down to a soulful final beat.
It takes a little time and a lot of looking, but looking in the right places for any individual certainly open the doors. At this stage in life, I could not be more far removed from the Ireland of my youth as I am today. I guess the words of a dying man were said for reasons unknown. But at the time of writing, I found them all perfectly true.

So with all that in mind one might hopefully begin the search for a new chapter somewhere. World's too big a place to be sitting around waiting for something to change in Ireland. Took nearly three years now to figure that out. Is it time well spent? For a lesson in life, best time I ever spent.
Good form kinda grows on you when you allow for down time. A more living approach to life than simply waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting... and waiting... - for, let's be harsh shall we, for, nothing to change.
With the Western Australian Minister for Energy, Training and Workforce Development Peter Collier saying he could take a third of Ireland's unemployed and present them with boundless opportunity, the time might be now to get out of dodge before the Dollar and the Euro and News Corp explode in our faces. Best news I've heard in a while.

If you want me to sell Perth for you Mr. Collier, here I am... and I work for cheap. And I won't be political. I'll blog about here from down there. I'll get ya a workforce...What ya think?
Hello, Mr. Collier... Mr. Collier... Mr.Collier..................

Lough Derg


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