Thursday, November 17, 2011


You know, it's damn near impossible to keep up at the moment such is the scale of what looks like chaos to me, unfold before our eyes. A seasoned journalist would have the time to be more structural in their writing while getting paid. It's safe to say I don't be writing this for profit and if the world rides out all these tsunami's coming from all directions, well maybe if what's right wins at the end of the day, property like this might be worth something to the great-great grandchildren.
Of course if it goes the other way, it may start a few fires somewhere or be sent to virtual hell, an actual place of torture for deadbeat writers who's thinking didn't marry with the Supreme Council of Excellence in Geneva and it's new world constitution - which does not allow for disobedience from artists. Black walls and high ceiling. Pitch black dark. Jedward 23 hours a day. A little water-boarding to the echo of random screams so ruthlessly scored by some of Hollywood's finest sound dudes, perforating eardrums.

Better start at home. Labour, specifically Gilmore and Ruari Quinn had a dreadful day yesterday. Tens of thousands of students took to the streets of Dublin to protest possible re-introduction of third-level fees. What's new, except the two boyo's above promised in their election campaign no such move would be made if they were in government.
At the time Labour's support seemed to be faltering and the stunt was seen as getting the student vote onside. It worked, but now the students are angry. Gilmore and Quinn actually signed on it with the students pre-election. Fail!

Gilmore was out and about with Enda today as they released a document on public service reform over the next 4 years. Good luck with that. Faltering economy. All this austerity and no growth? Why? Because we were saddled with the debt, made by a few, who then walk away smoking cigars. That's all government is in Ireland now. Implementers for others.
Pearse Doherty had Simon Covney in knots last evening on Vinnie Browne. A clear set of ideas that has the potential to stimulate growth. As much as I think it's a better alternative to what Labour and Fine Gael will come out with in 3 weeks, how to get the wheel moving on the cogs again is going to take more than a little stimulus - even more so if such stimulus' get high-jacked by people waiting their turn in line. What we need are ideas outside the theory. Theory ain't working. Iceland speaks differently. Others may too.
I'm not giving my ideas on matters here anymore after the way the Greens hijacked my idea to cost the tax-payer €50 million last year. Was the blogs highlight of 2010. Thought I'd get a medal. Nothin!
Enda was over in Berlin meeting her majesty on Wednesday. Have to say he spoke the hard talk, talk Merkle doesn't want to hear. And why would she?
Kenny wants a US Federal Bank type situation with unlimited money - backed up by the German taxpayer. Sound divine - giving everyone a debt free re-start. Except of course the design of such things is not part of any such thinking. This is survival of the fittest coming to a peak. Kenny can talk, but over there, they ain't listening.
Italy has a government now - NO POLITICIANS! Again sounds idyllic - but the bottom line is these people are in there now because they will drive the austerity required by the market vultures, so the corpo's they make a bob off can compete with emerging economies to drive down costs all to their own advantage.
Survival of the fittest, but Christ you would want to be pretty damn fit, especially when the odds stacked against the citizen are almost insurmountable. Even people who did everything 'by the book' are in real trouble. Young kids growing up with no real prospects. Tiered society. When democracy is reduced to this then democracy is dead. They don't seem to care in some countries, but the people were out in Italy and Greece today in force. You don't take democracy from people and expect to get away with it. Who's the Greek and Italian, Hugo Chavez?

The Occupation seems to be at a crunch point. There have been forced evictions by police in superhero riot gear who sneak cunningly under the cover of darkness. The movement in New York also attempted to block off Wall St. this morning and there are plans to cross the Brooklyn Bridge again at the weekend. As an image I saw recently portrayed, You have to judge it by those who come dressed for a riot. The images of police using batons to beat civilians using their right to protest are becoming a daily occurrence not just across America but also here in Europe.

The Dame St. protest could also be in trouble after rumors circulated that the bank they occupy the outside of have asked Gardai to remove the protesters. Scores of people with hi-viz vests were seen entering the bank this evening as Gardai refused to intervene.
It's a maze of mess wherever we look. Fighting debt with austerity, fighting white-collar crime and fraud with big bonus', pensions and perks. Some state of affairs. And if you happen to side on a different viewpoint and actually questions something, your reward - a crushed skull or a plastic bullet... for now!
Don't even mention the Middle East or the wicked turn of Mother Nature in recent years. She may want us off her planet. And with humans involved, particularly the special ones up top, who's to say she won't win this war... and with ease.

Still it could all be just a dream. Be a pity to let so much just slide recklessly by when the potential is huge, particularly in science's and technology. How advances are used will be the difference, but it's time to get rolling on it. But the will is not there, which makes me wonder why?

Let's face it, Facebook won't be the way forward in ten years time. Given the hacking of their system recently where viewers were treated to some scantily clad ladies hoping to lay claim to your info. Big business these days. Info. You can gauge a person and a society by info and what they put out. That's one big marketplace. Nice big file. Maybe the ultimate one. The analysts of the data must have the easiest of jobs though.
Within minutes the file basket for the diversely bonkers grows more rapidly than the other categories. Tough algorithm that one. Even for The Zuckerb.

The storms before the Christmas respite ... if we are lucky enough to get one. Still it could be worse. Could be on a beach in Perth. Taking in deadly rays. For fun.

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