Thursday, November 24, 2011


I don't know what it is about a forthcoming budget that just chills the bones and makes me want to work. I finally started my second book this week - a world set far off into the future.
I'm beginning to wonder if we'll make it that far at all given the possibility of this baby getting out or a nuclear holocaust over a drop of oil. But I'd say we are safe for a few years yet, hey?

At least long enough to give a few more publishers something to chuck in the bin anyway. But it's time to try again and with deadlines now set and word counts to be met each day, I'd be kind of hoping that the blog will go quite over the next few months (collective sigh of relief) as simply highlighting the way Ireland has been hijacked this past three years by writing about it here has about as much function as a dead tool.
With the sudden spark to write again, came the flood of ideas that always come once delved in. New characters sprung to mind and I've doubled the work I have done on another outline for a book I'm doing in the crime fiction department.
Despite the fact Booker's World is 999,911 short of its first million sales, I'm still hopeful the next one of two have a little more success when it comes to finding a real home as I'm not sure I want to carry the effort of Booker's World through from beginning to end once again.
I don't blame myself of course - that's down to those people looking after the social welfare of us all. But now that the final nail has been driven into the 'your on your own' coffin, it's time to find other ways of trying to get to make a living which doesn't make one a ward of state, as they say.
I need an editor and a damn good proofreader.
I think the reason I did not begin my second book until now was doing all the work on Booker's World myself, a task that really made me appreciate how much the efforts of others can help with the writing, but definitely did not have me running back to the keyboard for long spells.
I find careful concentration that is needed when proofreading is difficult for me, gives unwanted headaches and that horrible tiredness. Writers may know what I mean. But no sense quitting now. Effort counts for nothing in this country unless it comes with ass-kissing lips. Isn't it time we moved on from that now that we are, should we say... fooked?

So that should keep me busy until the Summer of 2012 in between applying for the non-existent jobs in Ireland and those that require visa entry from abroad. I could of course just try my luck in Greece or Italy and perhaps even in Spain. But then again, sometimes your just safer on a little island floating towards that more glorious of islands, Iceland. Took no shit those guys.
In it together for worse or worse r - like all good marriages!.
Good to see races having a strong sense of who they are. I think we Irish let it all go to easily. That's the most gut-wrenching thing of all. The so called 'greater good' serves no real purpose when everything is so heavily weighed against ordinary people. Sometimes that weight can serve some good. Can change a societies direction. It's better to stand for something more than your banking and business buddies, isn't it?
There's at least a hundred things Ireland (the country) could do in the next six months that could help things along - fill gaps created by cuts. But will any of them be implemented. Not fu*kin likely... Without problems, 'government' have no function.
Heaven forbid!

Thursday night. Can only mean one thing. Greg House. If only Booker had heroes...

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