Tuesday, November 1, 2011


One or two readers may be waiting for the finish to Don Booker's coverage of the Irish presidential Race. I've decided to sit on it for a little while - research - but will then possibly release it as a free ebook for those who buy the Booker's World ebook should the powers that be show a bit of support for personal endeavor. Until they do or i get a job I can't release it in that format.

I didn't feel much like writing over the past month having become pretty disillusioned about a number of things. But although it didn't really solve a whole lot it did have me doing something other than having to think over stuff which generally is not a good thing - for me anyway.
I've been beginning to seek employment abroad in recent days as there is none here in Ireland. How long that might take is anyone's guess, but at least I've been thinking about the future again which I haven't really been doing this year having placed all my eggs in one basket - that the government would lend some assistance to someone trying to stand on their own two feet. Wasn't asking for grants or a loan - just what I'm getting now after 18 years as a tax-payer for a short period of time and the freedom to give it a go.
I wouldn't particularly regard myself as a stupid person - except perhaps when it comes to gauging people - but I know my own drive and what's behind that drive. Never been motivated much by money and maybe that's the Department's problem with me. But some things are more important that money in a society totally falling apart one way or another.

It seems to have been that sort of year and a clatter of health problems this month didn't help either. I put in a lot of effort, but there has been as many letdowns. Some of the letdowns, especially recent ones had me thinking of just forsaking what it is I've set out to achieve for myself. There are things you can forgive if the cause was at least admitted, other things are going to take a lot more time. But in the absence of truth it's hard to be blameful in certain regards, but at least that truth can eventually be told and there is nothing more anyone can do than that.
I think i have always had faith in people. Far too much as it has turned out. The world's become a cold place in recent times, but there's no doubt having decent warm people in my life helps a lot.
Good thing is the writing and what that offers. Only writers will understand that. There's possibly three books on this blog now, not including Sonny Strange and Cripple. It would not take long to have them edited and released and begin making a living from my scribblings. At least I will have a body of work when I do sort out the present mess.
The Don Booker series I spent months writing has been shelved because actors pulled out. I don't know why people waste other people's time. I think documentaries are the way to go from now. At least it would involve working with real people with real stories. I'm sure I'll find my Don Booker along the way somewhere.
Also working on a film script which I intended to make myself. But I don't think I have the energy anymore for doing productions without a professional producer. I'm sure it will all fall into place eventually.

I've been inspired by some of the Occupation movements taking place around the world. I'd love to get involved with them, but when you read what happened this guy, you just realize what a horrible system of governance we have going on here. It's not the Ireland our own founding fathers wanted. It's a disturbing state of affairs.
I wrote a letter to the head man in my local Welfare Department explaining what happened since I was refused the back to work allowance earlier this year. It's gone nearly a month now. No reply. I'm strongly thinking of publishing it here.
I see many people coming forward with their own stories of woe during this damn recession and it does inspire me that people can be brave enough to do that. It encourages others. It stands for something more than the those who are still desperately trying to keep up appearances in the present climate. They don't serve themselves any good and it certainly ain't going to change anything. People need to come and stick together if change is to happen.

'Life is like a box of ...' as Forrest Gump once said. I hope the next one I get is one I like. It's needed.


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Outing injustice and rounding on neo-cons for some reason, all under the watchful eyes of Homeland Security. Hope a drone don't take him out in his attic.

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