Sunday, November 6, 2011

Merkle 'd.

There are times when this blog has called out to our esteemed establishment and in some cases has rudely commented on matters of external affairs. Though anti-European in a Superstate sense, it does have fringe benefits. Like being able to travel freely abroad and work also. I did for a time... but that's another story.
As some now deem citizens within this mounting failure as Europeans, I don't haunt myself too much by offering opinion, as by consensus those that label us as such are also deserved of theirs. I've seen the NATO road to democracy in action and it does little to distinguish itself from their most solid ally, the equally proficient war machine that America rages whenever duty calls. So I forgive myself for commenting on America as well.
After all, they are the ones who preach fair speech - I find it easier to use my practice of it to call it as I see it, rather than use it to provoke sentiment towards others under some deluded mind I myself classify extreme. With the US pulling out of Iraq by years end and retreating into Kuwait, the Isreali's are stoking up the fires with macho speak in the direction of Tehran, as Iran continues on the path to securing themselves against the 'do-gooders' by making themselves a nuclear bomb, the large member in the crazy world of different ideals. However anyone feels about nukes or Iranians having one consider they have never started a single war in their history. If deterrent by fear is a psychological means for peace, then we have to be fair about it. Levelling Iran would be just a crime against humanity and we've had to much of it already. But we'll find few that care, though China and Russia are coughing a little which is good to see.

I sent Georgie Pap to Cannes on Wednesday night with this blog post. Something to mull over on his charter. At the time of writing it, I threw a sly piece of historical context into his thinking and declared him Metal Balls for the day.
The call to political disobedience fell on deaf ears. Lost in the waste baskets of a search engine or another comment in your file at the FBI.
Yep, lost.
Now I don't know about other folk, but 'metal balls' is not a bad name for a Superhero. Even for a day. But, as it turned out, Pap was castrated by Angela Merkle as Sarky watched on with grimace, Dave Cameron licking his lips from behind a double sided window enjoying being a Tory, before Rupe decides to take Dave down by way of News Corp. Truth. The first edition.

Pap made it back to Athens, but missing the tail he'd left with.
Within hours his call for a referendum was recalled, and after surviving a cull on the promise of his resignation, Pap sits hours away from being cast into the world of Brian Cowen - a world of dishonest reflection, followed by justification, and a six figure memoir deal from Amazon and Fabre.
How will history remember these men. Let's be honest. Who cares? There have been many in recent times who have also pitched for their page, and sure why not? Hidden within us all is a megalomaniac, isn't there? Just waiting to get out, to sell out, to aid a better drop out.

Pap clings on but by tomorrow his castraters have demanded that a government of national unity and solidarity be put in place and a gentle little nudge to Pap that it's time to take his place at the Sanitarium of the politically poor.
Let's set Democracy aside, shall we? In the interest of society. Has our thinking been decimated or are we being proved to be a stupid organism and being treated as such? If it were that simple perhaps we would not care. But there are many sides to people and easier ways to manipulate them. Therein lies some real problems.
Next up in this economic game of dice is the Italian Question? Think Greece by ten. Flamboyant leader Silvio Berlusconi has declined an offer of a bailout, but invited the IMF in to take a look at the state of affair.
That should see Silvio slip safely out of the country by the time the IMF say they are just moving in - like it or lump it.
Temperamental people, the Italians. Hot blooded. Passionate. Italian is a way of life. Sitting within her borders the center for Roman Catholicism. It's not Aliens v Cowboys anymore. It's IMF v The Church, and although they have both have had many detractors in recent times, I only see one winner in that fight.
In Italy anyway...

It all clearly shows what a political mess the Superstate is in. The Markets have high jacked us all. The castration of Pap on Wednesday night will surely wake her up?
The dream of co-existence now tripped at hurdle one, beneath the weight of individual states national sentiment. That's what happens when you have a system where so much trust in placed in those who deem themselves worthy and when government don't constantly ask the people for an opinion.
You smelling it as well?
What is a vote if what you voted for is not agenda once that vote is cast. What is a vote when removal of politicians just moves the next sycophant up the power conveyor belt. Why is democracy in it's cheapest, most corruptible form, the one we have to accept?
To know reasons you have to know people. To know people and how easy manipulated they are is not particularly a light at the end of the tunnel experience. When placed in context to what's happening around the world at present, well, there you have a pretty fucked up futuristic hard boil on your hands.

But all is not lost. For the Irish tried to take over the World - with our Canadian counterparts - over the weekend when they dared sail to Gaza with relief and humanities to the besieged people there. Stopped off shore by the Isreali Navy they were all arrested and had their disobedience to Isreal rewarded by a night or two in the cells. At least they survived, the last Flotilla's occupants were not so lucky.
It's nice to know some Irish people are standing up for what it wrong in the world. Leaving fear aside to show some humanity with fellow human beings. A simple gesture of kindness by Israel would have seen them being able to pass though.
A small victory for Isreal in the war for peoples minds. The trouble with Isreal it seems is it doesn't give a flying skud about how anyone perceives them. It's the same in America too. Way too arrogant for a nation so young.

All members of the MV Saoirse have earned their endorsement. For what it's worth. In the spirit of fairness, I single out one in particular.
Chris Andrews, former TD and member of Fianna Fáil. Will wonders ever seize? A Booker Endorsement for a Failer.
I couldn't see Mary Harneys cuticles surviving such a trip, but Bertie, you know, it's not too late to go on a little cruise. You could say to the main dude from Mossad when they come aboard, The Bertie,
'Do you know who the fuck I am...' Whistle yourself off on a worthwhile note?

I'm glad I'm not a conspiracy theorist and just a writer in an attic.

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