Friday, December 2, 2011


A few hours ago I couldn't see twenty feet in front of me such was the denseness in the fog that wrapped itself around the night. It's lifted now, a clear view of the ultimate thing that reminds me I'm still in Ireland - a nearby church.
It does have a certain character by times. I may photograph it if Santa is kind this year. I see huge potential in it as a movie location. Imagine, a little village in the middle of no-where the Indie film capital of the Co. Meath.

I've been writing and editing furiously this past 10 days or so. The bitter parting of the ways with the Euro that might come sends a shudder down my spine and the only way out of it is to really become self-sufficient - even if that means working for others while one figures how to make the first preference a reality.
Been through the system now a few times in various ways to know that it ain't going to happen here in Ireland. Not for the time being anyways. We're so clung to the Merkle's trousers these days it is hard to see anybody doing anything else but continuing to cling on.

The only way out of this mess now is to open up the ECB like Herman Cain's zipper and create a Federal Reserve of Europe. Something like the Fed in the USA.
Nations with currency controlled outside of politics. It's getting so bad now that even an monetary alliance of some sort might come about. Say like the Fed throwing in 50% along with the ECB and capitalizing from the debt gathered from that made up money. Who knows, maybe the Russians and the Chinese could also get in on 'the action.' Even Cameron.
Fortunes continue to be made under this cloud that hangs darker with each passing day. Token gestures by banks to unite and tee up another can to kick the whole thing down the road a little further makes for market fluctuation. Some speculators wet dreams. The 'cunning' are cleaning up. The savvy ones. The ones in the know. In the game they can never lose.
Of course the mainstream portray it all so differently. Yes, they have no problem with the fear factor and inflicting it on those who really can't take much more of it. But going out and showing the cost in real time - that appears to be off the agenda. With them all. Everywhere.
But then, we could live in some forsaken place in the world that even God has long abandoned. So a little perspective can be important every now and again. And a tonne of writing.

Ethical people do remain. Dublin North East TD, Tom Broughan was expelled from the Labour Party today after voting against the bank guarantee remaining in place for a further year. It's a mighty relief for some, particularly speculators and those who have small savings, but it does goes against labour's pre-election promises and marks a 100% U-E on the way they voted on the same measure when it last came up for 'debate.' Seems to be becoming a party policy. About turns. Still say, Labour are now being played none to similar than the way the Failers played the Greens, providing their old legion some fond memories of their final days in power.

Mr. Broughan saw the deceit in that today and acted accordingly losing the privilege of being whipped for the foreseeable future. It didn't stop the motion being carried by 99-30, so no sweat there.
Can't see anyone outing Tommy from being TD of the week for this week. And it's only Thursday.

Pierce Doherty made a point of telling Labour what they had told all us in the Dáil today ... to an empty chamber- and I don't mean a Colt 45. Not only are we paying representatives to go against what we gave them mandate to do, but they don't even have to turn up when the issue is up for debate.
Not that they have any choices anyway as they will point out at length under the 'terms of memorandum' they are all tied to their IMF buddies with. Which kind of makes them insignificant. No?

Bigger question still. If the Euro does fall or we are faced with a Lisbon 3 scenario where fear plays the important factor and by some devilish chance we are forced to break ties one way or another with Frankfurt and Paris, then who do we trust to lead us forward into the glory ahead of in us in this, the 21st century? Except that should be 21 centuries off 4 and a half billion years - if we are going by Earth years. Which makes everything so damn confusing or makes certain time connoisseurs appear a little daft? I don't know which.

It won't be any of the Eurocrats that lead and that's for sure. Or the parties that led us down that wayward path. Because that would mean we are terminally dumb - as I feel there is no such thing as terminal nativity. Life bites to hard.
That pretty much rules them all out at the ballot box should the worst come to the worst. Which begs another question - who is fit to govern us and moreover who's qualified? I wonder if a low 30% turnout at the next seizure could deliver the final blow to the systems of governance that sees us stray further from the thinking on which this State was founded.

Of course most scenario's proposed here are unlikely to happen so fear not. Grass is turning white tonight. Air is there for sucking.

Let Austerity abide!

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