Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Democracy prevails in Ireland - for now.

As American Republicans opt for Mitt Romney to contest November's presidential election, thorn in the side of Europe, Ireland, has a pretty big decision to make as well.
Word filtered out late yesterday afternoon that Ireland is to go her people and ask if they are in favour of the new EU fiscal compact treaty. Enda Kenny made the announcement in the Dáil yesterday after taking advise from the Attorney General.
Like the re-run of the Lisbon Treaty, fear will now be struck into the soul of the Irish nation regarding consequence, so I'd expect it to have a similar result as the last time the Irish people were asked their advice on matters of national interest. But then again...

It does give me some much needed pride that we, a little float away island in the North Atlantic, still have the courage to practice democracy in some proper form at times. It certainly doesn't happen across the Superstate where our fellow Europeans are constantly denied a voice on such matters. Ordinary people, pawns in a game of power that's having catastrophic consequence to societies right across the continent.
With Europe on its knees, it's safe to say those protagonists at the top are incapable - but without proper democracy how do people change that fact.

People are a mere commodity in all this - a natural renewable resource that's being leveled in every quarter outside the self interested. That unfortunately is how we are seen. These people are not our saviors. These people are the problem as they try to prevent humanity evolving in any sustainable way. There are exceptions - but they are few.


Mitt Romney has taken the latest round of primaries in Michigan and Arizona. Santorum was second. Ron Paul finished third with Newt Gingrich a distant fourth. Still think Ron Paul might run as an independent.
The GOP are the only losers is this disgusting race for the right to challenge Obama for the White House. Sick and twisted are just two words that spring to mind every time i think of Rick Santorum and Rick Perry. Gingrich is another nasty piece of work. Pro-war and pro-God?
I mean, come-on. People can't be that thick. But yet many buy into it. I've said all along I'd expect Romney to face Obama down in Novembers race.
Even under as much pressure as Obama is at home on the domestic front, it's hard to see the whole of America backing a Republican Party candidate with so many hate-spewers within their ranks. Time will tell.

Next up for the party are the Super Tuesday primaries on March 6. A candidate needs 1,144 delegates to secure the GOP nomination. Romney is leading with 163 delegates followed by Santorum with 83, according to an Associated Press tally. Last chance saloon for Gingrich and if it's a disaster for the hate-spewing and at times, utterly insane, Santorum, it's game over.


Booker's World ebook and blog re-vamp over the coming weeks. Sorry about the many delays, but you know how government red-tape can be. But at least, and at last, there's a foundation to be built from.
After that, in this crazy world, who the feck knows.

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