Thursday, March 8, 2012


Enda Kenny signed the new euro fiscal compact treaty while in Brussels last weekend. It has me scratching my balding head again! Just last week he called for a referendum on the issue - but it seems he has his own mind made up already.
As me old granddad used to say, 'Actions spake louder that words.'
There have been plenty of views on the subject from within the ranks of high government and some of them suggests divisions.
If it's not passed then this government falls - softened by cushy pension plans - in case the current chief instigators are not returned to 'serve.'
A super-tax of 75% on pensions would sort out who's there to serve Ireland and who's there to serve themselves. One wonders why it is never discussed. The established order in this country should be ashamed of themselves.

Michael Martin said 'sorry' to the Irish people for the last governments 'ineptitude' but rendered it useless by offering excuses before he even uttered the word. With a room full of ex-ministers and taoiseagh, I doubt very much the fightback is on. Bertie and Brian were there. Martin suggested Bertie's days might be numbered in the party if the tribunal findings go against him. Then he lavished praise on Brian Cowen? He clearly needs to step aside now if the party are to have any chance of surviving.
It was almost ironic that the parties Ard Fheis was held at the same time as 12,000 Irish people queued for miles to attend a foreign jobs expo at the same venue. A further 5,000 lined up in Cork yesterday.

As the government announced who'd be junketing where for the Paddy's day festivities, GardaĆ­ removed the Occupy Dame Street camp during the night. In scenes sure to further diminish Ireland's reputation abroad, it took over a hundred GardaĆ­ and council officials to remove the protesters at Ireland's Central Bank.
There still has not been one charge against anyone for the catastrophe that befell the Irish people - it seems light-touch regulation has a place in our democracy - but light-touch protest is driven from sight. Our forefathers must be turning in their graves.


In America the Super Tuesday primaries in 10 states weighed in on the GOP presidential nomination race. Mitt Romney won six states. Rick 'The Sick' Santorum clinched three. Newt looks mute now after only picking up one.
It all means that Romney is closing in on the nomination, but it's still not quite over. If Gingrich throws himself behind 'The Sick' then the homophone war-mongering side of the once great GOP may still think they have a chance at another term in the White House. But that's just them, and the media that back them to the hilt. In reality, these kind of people have ruined their party and more and more ordinary Americans are tuning into that with each passing week.

As Obama entertained Israeli leader Benjamin Netenatu this past few days, the talk was all on Iran. The American president was saying all the right things as would be expected from a commander and chief - but he is uncomfortable. You can tell by his speech. It's broken and not delivered with the same clarity and divisiveness which he's famous for.
With thousands now dead in Syria the region is ultra-volatile. Iraq is unstable and it would appear the shift to democracy hasn't exactly gone to plan in Libya or Egypt either.

After I walked into a door the other day, I had a bit of an awakening. What if all nuclear bombs were de-commissioned, say like, immediately.
It can be done. We went to the moon.
Let's just takes nukes out of the 'whose got the biggest military dick' equation.
It's not like there's a huge military complex of psychopaths profiting from it all or anything... Then the world could work backwards from there? If countries say 'no' to the decommission, we will then really know who's rogue and who isn't.
I wonder how Fox and that leech O 'Reilly would spin that one?

Oh me head.


The blogs going to be on and offline sporadically over the coming days while I do a re-vamp. Apologies to those who came here originally for a writing blog from a recessionary Irish character.
Poor ol' Booker - a fictional product of environment - if ever there was one!

Happy Women's Day!

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