Saturday, July 24, 2010

Alex Higgins Dies

Snooker legend Alex Higgins died today after many years battling throat cancer. The two-time champion of the world was never short on genius or controversy throughout his life. He won his first World title aged just 22 and on his first attempt. Ten years later in 1982, he repeated the feat. He also lost two other finals.

Though never out of the headlines, be it for his playing style around the baize or in his personal life, Higgins was undoubtedly one of the most naturally gifted snooker players ever produced. He was at times a brawler, who fought alcohol and cocaine problems and fluttered away his estimated £3 million fortune and ended his days playing for small sums of money in the many snooker halls of his home city, Belfast.

He had many disciplinary problems during his career which led to many suspensions from the snooker circuit and as a result his career died out early. Always fond of an ol' drink, he also hated officialdom and never seemed to fit in with the gentleman's sport he graced for nearly 20 years. His place in history secure, a battling man who played by his own rules, I certainly have no problem giving the legend that was, and is, Alex Higgins, the Booker Endorsement.


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